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Alpha Male Supplemental


Okay, I'm new to this site and the supplements. I got Alpha Male a couple of weeks ago and it definitely is doing something.

  1. I've never felt this aggressive on any testosterone type supplement related before. I took Anadrol a long time ago and it was similar.
  2. I went out for my company party last weekend and drank alcohol. I had the worst hangover ever and had anxiety and depressive thoughts even though I have nothing to be depressed about. It was extreme until I took another pill.
  3. I don't have the oily skin that DHEA gave me which is nice.

So I want to know if this is worth the pissed off mood every day and will eventually build muscle? I couldn't find a lot of feedback on this supplement. Thanks


I thought lifting weights built muscle?


Wow! What insight. I've been lifting for over 25 years and never realized that's a side effect!


I have been taking this sup since it basically came out... so a long time. I have taken an extended break several times so I have that experience also.

Yes, I feel an increased aggression feeling when using it. I chalked this up to it working like it is supposed to. I never used any true steroids so I can't compare it there. To me, it almost fights depression and lack of motivation.

No issues with hangovers being worse, etc. I just feel so much better when taking it that I certainly notice less anxiety and depressive moods when taking it. I use the 5 days on and two days off cycling and tend to take it during the week and skip weekends.

Best sup ever for this 51 yr old.