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Alpha Male shirts....

Hey guys another poster had a good idea I want to bring up here…I’d really like to see a t-shirt with that Alpha Male symbol…I work out at a 24hr. and it would be great to wear there and freak everyone out!

Maybe you all could develop other t-shirts with similar witty T-man/vixen statements…

What’s everyone else think?

I would buy one

I’d wear one.

Hell yea, Keep this thread bumped so Shrugs can see it!!

i’d wear/buy one

I’d wear one, and by girl will wear a shirt that says “I own an alpha male”

heck yeah, id buy one to scare the people at the boxing gym. (evil laugh)

If you need to wear a T-Shirt to tell the world you’re an “Alpha Male”. . . .

I would.I already got the Biotest,Redkat and Testosterone T-shirts.Especially with that sick looking logo for Alpha Male.

I’m with TJN713

An alpha male don’t need a T-shirt. He needs to fill out a T-shirt. And if you were at a gym where a T-shirt would intimidate someone. Get a new gym.

However, still way better than “no fear”. Or most slogans I see.

Where do u buy T-nations shirts i cant find them anywhere on this site.


I would buy one aswell.

I’d buy one. Hell, I’d even wear it. It’d be a lot better than showing everyone my shiny red ass and screaming “eat it bitch” after a set of deads.

It looks like the gods above have heard our prayers, the tribal T t-shirts are availble. I ordered some supps, and got one each of the new t-shirts thanks T-Nation