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Alpha Male + REZ-V


Im currently taking REZ-V and happy with the results. Im interested in taking a Carbolin 19 supplement. I was wondering if I took Alpha Male with REZ-V if there would be adverse side affects or if it would simply be a waste of money.

On the other hand would it be a kick ass stack? If anyone with information on this or who has actually taken both at the same can hook me up with some experience i would be most appreciative.


I noticed it improved my mood a little bit, but that's all. Lots of people had better results though, so if you want to spend the money, give it a shot and see what it does.


It will actually have a nice synergistic effect, since REZ-V helps keep estrogen levels in check (among other things!) and Alpha Male boosts your testosterone levels. With both, you're basically creating the optimal hormonal environment - high testosterone/controlled estrogen.

I know it makes me feel like a king.

But, if you feel like you don't need a testosterone booster, you could try the Carbolin 19. That way you would know exactly how you respond to just Carbolin 19, with REZ-V.

Anyway, hope this helps.


Yes, this is true. It's a great stack.



If i were to take Alpha Male with Rez-v would i still have to cycle it off every few days (Alpha Male). Im thinknig i would.


This question has been asked of Cy Willson before, and he's said that it's okay to take it 7 days a week. He also mentions it's good to take a couple of weeks off after 12 weeks of use.

Personally, this is the cycle plan that I follow.

And now I want a new Cy article! I'm on my knees guys, really.


Hijack: I second this. Cy Willson is the man!


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Thank you for the replies, its been very helpful. Its helped me make my decision. I'm still opened to suggestions and info.I would love to hear about different users results with Rez-v and Alpha Male as well so feel free to post.


Alpha Male appears to be more potent when taken together with Rez-V.
Your mileage may vary.

BTW, Alpha Male is not just a "Carbolin 19 supplement". Carbolin 19 is something that was added later on to the original formula, to make it more effective. But the main purpose of Alpha Male is different.

You may want to clarify the basic notions, and figure out what your goals are, before taking these supplements.


I taken the full dose recommendation of REZ-V with both Alpha Male and Carbolin 19, and while I didn't "feel" anything with the REZ-V, I did notice that I recovered from little things here and there better such as feeling a cold coming on and after a day being fine.

At the end of the day for me, what's important is not missing training days and being able to train as hard as possible during those days. I did find that with the REZ-V, I was able to nopt miss days and train at a high level. The questions becomes is it feasible at that cost.

I personally get the same effect of feeling good by taking some extra BCAA's and Glutamine even though I know that the REZ-V works on a different mechanism.

For me, one a day seems to do the trick, and I'm mainly taking it for the health benefits anyway, not as a E blocker.


Glad I searched this topic, i just purchased this stack as well and hoping for decent results. We will have to post up on them.

Cheers, Grap


What would be the advantages (other then perhaps cost) of Rez-V over 6-oxo extreme when stacked with Alpha Male?

Amount Per Serving
Vitamin B6(as Pyridoxine HCL) 3.5mg
Magnesium(as Aspartate) 150mg
Zinc(as L-Monomethionine & Aspartate) 10mg
6-OXO(as 4-Etioallocholen-3,6, 17-Trione) 300mg
Quercetin 600mg
Resveratrol50% 1200mg
Piperine50%(Black Pepper Extract) 20mg

More resveratrol and extra goodies per serving...



See this regarding 6-OXO and draw your own conclusions.


However, DAYUM - that's a lot of Resveratrol! Serving size 5 caps, taken twice per day - 1200mg Resveratrol per day. One bottle lasts 7.5 days. That's still 120mg Resveratrol per pill, in addition to the other stuff. Damn. That is all assuming that the 50% actually does mean it yields 50% of actual pure trans-Resveratrol.


I was wondering about REZ-V with TRIBEX. i.ve been on the blue TRIBEX for a while and love it, I was wondering ifadding REZ-V would be ok or should i just do the REZ-V? any thoughts? Im also throwing in Se7en, im just going to increase the dose of Se7en.


For people who have done the Alpha Male / REZ-V stack..

What did you notice in the way of strength/body composition and those sort of changes..

I'll I've really heard is you get alot of wood and great orgasms...which is good stuff of course but I want to here about the other effects


Ummm... if I'm not mistaken, REZ-V and TRIBEX are for men. Whereas, Se7en is for women.


Se7en is marketed for women, but there are probably a lot of guys using it like myself.


Ok, fair enough. What does Se7en do for you that HOT-ROX doesn't, and why market it to women?

Just curious.


Se7ev is just re-labled Methoxy-7. Which used to be marketed twords everyone. I assume with the incepton of the MWA sister site they wanted a female specific supp.

I read somewhere that Thib's or Waterbury had good results with clients using more than the recommended dose. I believe it was speculated that se7en/methoxy7 was one of those supps where more IS better.

I used Methoxy-7 6 caps 2x day plus Carbolin 19 during a period where I couldn't get to the gym as much as I'd like, plus my eating wasn't the greatest. The combo seemed to help me maintain where I was at physically. I found it to be rather effective.