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Alpha Male.... Results?


I have never taken a testosterone boosting supplement but am thinikg of trying Alpha Male.

For those of you who have used Alpha Male, what kind of results have you had?

Is it worth the $49.99?




I've been very pleased with Alpha Male.

It's well worth the asking price for me.


What RESULTS have you gotten? Either increases in lifts or increases muscle mass.


I've personally noticed a significant improvement in my overall recovery and competitiveness. I've noticed that I have more drive and determination.

This drive also carries over to situations with the GF as well :wink:.


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I agree. It's pretty hard to quantify the impact of Alpha Male. I don't think it has a huge effect on body composition unless you're truly low on testosterone and not just normal. I used it for the first half of my bulk and had good gains. Of course, everything else was dialed in, and I continued to have good gains in the second half of my bulk after I ran out.

I did notice all of the things that Tri described. Alpha Male postively impacts all of these things which can improve training and general well-being. As such, it potentially can improve body composition as well.


I'm not training for an increase in size at this time, but I have seen an increase of 300 points in my T levels. I've also gotten leaner without any change to diet or training.

There's been plenty of feedback on Alpha Male on the forum. Why don't you just try it? After all, I believe it has a money-back guarantee.


I don't think it is really a sup that will give you a direct increase in strength or body comp. However I feel happier, more focused, and I recover from workouts very quickly while on it.


Alpha Male is a product that will increase natural production of Testosterone and levels of free testosterone. The Eurycoma also has a positive effect on the metabolic tissues associated with sex function, so you may also see an added benefit in that area as well.

I have had people ask "well will Alpha Male add muscle on me?" and I tell them that it will increase Testosterone. With increase of the male hormone Testosterone if you are doing your part right eating, lifting, resting, it can put stimulate gains in lean muscle mass, dropping body fat, increasing energy and mood, as well as increasing sex drive.

The Vitex will also help if estrogen levels are high and also helps to create a better environment for Testosterone production. So, if you are coming off of a prohormone cycle it would be a great product to use or in general if you want the benefits of having your testosterone production as well as levels of free Test at peak levels.


I tried Alpha Male for about a month once. Recovery was good. I got the raging horn alot and my balls made gallons of nut mustard on a daily basis.
I liked this supp but if you are a young guy like myself then it probably is not entirely necessary.



No supplements are "entirely necessary." If they were, they wouldn't be "supplements."


Thanks for that.


Not necessarily....As Cy has pointed out, just because your young doesn't guarantee you high or even adequate test levels...Your best to get them checked out. There have been quite a few low test people here in the past that were young....


In my experience, all three of Biotest's natural testosterone boosters (RED KAT, TRIBEX and Alpha Male) work: increases in lean body mass, decreases in body fat, and increases in horniness.


Indeed. Many things can bring down test levels - one of the more common, and the cause in my case - are prescription mood-lifters.

In my case, I've used TRIBEX and was on a cycle of Alpha Male. The results - improved recovery, loss of fat (not as significant as with HOT-ROX, though), improved strength, and a greatly enhanced feeling of confidence.