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Alpha Male Results?


Noticed that there haven't been any threads on Alpha Male for a few years, or at least I couldn't find any after extensive searching. Been on Alpha Male for two weeks. 5 on 2 off cycle. The main things I noticed were I'm a lot more energetic, and I'll catch myself involuntarily clenching my fists at random.

I haven't felt the difference in the gym yet however. Based on what the other effects I'm feeling, seems like I should see some gym results, strength wise mainly.

(Btw I'm 25)

Thought I'd bring this up. Anybody have similar results?


I've thought about taking it, don't think I'm low in Testosterone but every bit helps IMO. would Alpha Male be any help while trying lose body fat? anyone know?


A higher T-Level would certainly help in terms of overall body composition (more muscle, less fat). I don't know about aggression, although there has been writings on linking the two, but I'm a bit older than you guys (38), and I find that it helps me feel much more recovered between my workouts. I'm more energetic, always raring to attack the weights, and my strength levels never seem to lag (although I'm sure a goo diet and proper training plays into that as well).



I'm 26 and I started taking it because I wrecked my T a few years back doing triathlon. My experience has been amazing, I want to fuck everything that walks past me. I have cycled on and off over the past year or two and it's always been great. I don't know whether or not it's helped my body composition or not, but it's certainly helped in other areas.


I used it once before. I can easily say that it worked. I have gynecomastia (genetic) and my cone titties are a rough external marker of my estrogen:testosterone ratio.

Taking Alpha Male made my nipples puff up an incredible amount (more E from the increase in T), supplementing with Biotest's Resveratrol reversed this puffiness (Anti-aromatse).

I won't be using it again anytime soon since I am young (and I am giving D-AA a shot), but I would definitely vouch for it.


Silver: Did you completely reverse that puffyness? Ive had the same problem for a years. I took Rez-V but I think my hormones were way to jacked to benefit from it back then. I also got sick everytime I took it. Thanks


I took two bottles of the stuff. Liked it, didn't LOVE it. I think it's a solid product but honestly, it's a bit pricey. If you've got the money for it and want some extra energy, better recovery, and some libido enhancing I recommend it. Didn't make me put up 20 extra lbs or anything (not that I was expecting that.

I HIGHLY recommend horny goat weed as well


Took two bottles using the 5 and 2 dosing. By the end I was leaner, but nothing earth shattering. My weight and strength gains over that time were about on par with what I would have expected had I not been on it. So either I was over estimating my potential or it had little affect on me in this area. Mood, libido, and confidence were all affected in a good way (almost too much).

Only possible side affect was for the 6-8 weeks since I stopped using it I had some trouble maintaining an erection, which was a first for me. That problem has since gone away so not sure if it was coincidence or my body needed time to re-acclimate itself.


Stu, since this is the nutrition section, can you please tell us more about the goo diet?


lmao, ok, ok,.. like everyone doesn't realize with the zillions of typos I make that it was a mistake!



I used it. I feel like I'm a non-responder to most things. Used it for awhile while trying to get BIG, I got big. Don't know if I can attribute it to the Alpha Male at all or not.

My goals are now very different, and don't feel like it's worth the money at this point. If I ever start having low-T symptoms I might try it.

Just as a frame of reference, I don't feel anything when I take HOT-ROX either, but I do notice that I can function better while on HOT-ROX, and eating less (caloric deficit). So it does something for me, even though I don't 'feel' it.


I agree, I want to fuck every girl I see. I read that a lot from guys our age in the older forums as well.


I don't know if I can link it in any statistical way to fitness gains (increased strength or decreased fat levels), but I can vouch for the libido enhancement on an anecdotal basis. I use it when I'm on a long cut and my sex drive starts to drop off a bit. If I'm feeling particularly tired and worn out with little desire for nookie then some Alpha Male usually fixes that up in a jiffy.


I havent tried Alpha Male, but I loved the old TRIBEX. That was the only trib supp I ever "felt". Libido went up like crazy


for all who have taken Alpha Male, how was the recovery aspect of it? Anything noticeable day after a tough weight training/conditioning/whatever session? Did you feel like it allowed you to train more often? whether you did or not.


Today was the first day I really noticed it in the gym. I do a push pull workout, 4 to 5 days a week.
I am going on fourth day in a row of training and feeling no fatigue whatsoever.

Today I did bench and normally after heavy bench I am beat. Today however, I felt like I could have done double the volume, EASY.

I left the gym wanting to run through a wall.


I like it for its libido enhancing effects, & morning wood... But sometimes when the wife ain't cooperative, it can be hard to tame it!


Anyone else? There isn't as much information about it on this sire as I would expect?




natural test boosters don't result in gains like that...

they are more of a long term thing...

There is a huge difference between naturally increasing test through test boosters and taking yourself out of the normal range through drug use...

Hormones behave completely differently once they are taken out of their normal physiological range...So just because you naturally increased your test levels doesn't mean you are going to have drug like results...

The mood/libido enhancing effects will be immediately apparent....the body comp effects will have to be evaulated on a long term basis...