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Alpha Male Ratings

I know there is another thread on Alpha Male, but I thought rather than reading thru the very long thread I'd start a new post.

My question is simple, briefly what has been you experience/ratings with Alpha Male?

I'm primarily looking for a supp for increased aggression, libido, and overall boost in T.


What the fuck? Why?


what the fuck ? why ?


It is very good. Throw in some ZMA as perscribed, and a Spike pre-workout, and you will destroy the gym. (in a good way)


Hi guys, I want to get really really muscular while losing bodyfat at the same time. Currently I'm what you call, "skinny-fat." I've only ever gone to the gym about 3 times in my 20 years of living and don't know what to do. Is there a supplement or something that can help me get buff without going to the gym?

I saw there was tons of posts on how to get a good muscles, but I figured instead of reading all those long posts, I could find a shortcut while cluttering the boards asking for advice.


"Is there a supplement or something that can help me get buff without going to the gym?"

Go away and come back when you are actually willing to work. Nothing comes without hard work and dedication.


A fighting sport (boxing, MMA, etc)


Wow....that's all I can say.


Yea really some people have no sense of humor.



Wow... do you actually think there is a supplement out there that you can take where you will get big without having to lift weights?


The original post was meant as sarcasm.


Get silicone injected all over your body in just the right places. Get lipo on all the other places. Then, you won't have to fuck around with all that training, dieting, planning and so forth. Presto! New bod! And think of all the $$$ you'll save on supps and protein!



I think this supplement is very good. I have used it for 2 months and my strength has gone up on all my lifts. Even when I stopped using it I retained my strength. This supplement isn't going to make you grow muscle'like the Hulk, but if you eat right and use this supplement, you won't be disappointed, especially since they add Carbolin 19 to it.


I know its not good to make fun of newbies because they are not experienced and they need all the help they can get. However, you are an IDIOT.


You actually BELIEVE there is such a thing?


The thing you are looking for is HARD WORK. There is no such thing as muscles in a pill. If you are really that stupid, just spend some money on one of those bodysuits they have for the stuntmen that make them look buff. I'm sure you'll get ALL the ladies when you wear that shit.