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Alpha Male Question


I was reading a article written on here called "Andro Wars" and it talks about raising test levels with tribulus and was wondering if Alpha Male has enough tribulus in it or if i would have to get TRIBEX also. In the article It calls for 3000-4000mg of tribulus a day.

Alpha Male says to take up to 6 tabs a day but i dont know how much is in it does anyone know.


I beleive this link page will give you the specs on Alpha Male,
I myself was looking into trying some. Good Luck



Thanks according to this that there is 375mg per pill so taking the max dose of 6 that comes out to 2250 mg per day should i also get some TRIBEX Gold to up the amount of tribulus.


I think when they designed Alpha Male, it was designed so you wouldn't have to take tribulus and Carbolin 19 all separately or in addition to. Think of it as an "all-in one."