Alpha Male Question

Hello I work nights and actually get home to go to sleep at about 8:30 - 9:00 am. When taking Alpha Male you are supposed to take it in the morning before 9:00 am on an empty stomach. Also it is not recommended to take before bed. Is it alright for me to take it when I get home since it is in the morning but I am also going to bed at this time?


Figure I will chime in here. My sched is a bit wacky as well but I am taking Alpha Male and love it.

I wake at around 11pm and go to bed @ around 3:30-4pm.

So what I do is take it at 11pm, which is the morning for me, right when I wake on an empty stomach. I then take it again around 2:30pm on about as empty a stomach as I am going to have during a bulk.

I think the whole morning thing is relative to your personal sched. more so than it is to when the sun rises and sets. With your hormone levels fluctuating with sleep and waking hrs as opposed to something like the tides that are directly effected by the moon and sun hence dark and light.

I dunno only thing I could thinkl of to relate. Not to say a bit of sun is not good for your. It is.

Anyway that is completely off topic and I hope what I had to say about time of dosing helps,


Thanks phil, I appreciate the info it makes sense. I am going to take it when I wake up then instead of trying to take it when i get home.