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Alpha Male Question (Need Help)

Hello all,

I have been taking Alpha Male for about 4-5 weeks and will be stopping by the end of this week before I go back to school. I’ve been lifting heavy and frequently for close to 6 months now and have seen some great gains. My diet is in check–better than it’s ever been. I can’t be sure exactly what the Alpha Male is doing on its own, but since the summer started I’ve been really going hard.

That being said, how come a few people have commented that I look like I’m on steroids? I know Alpha Male is no steroid nor is it synthetic testosterone. Yet, when people say this I get a bit self-conscious and question my whole routine. I wonder if I really am on steroids sometimes. . . it’s weird, no?

I’m 24 by the way, and I realize a test-booster may or may not even yield great results at my age. I tried this thing out, had a good time this summer, and it’s soon coming to an end.

Any thoughts? Can anyone just help me feel better about this? Did I really mess myself up with steroid-like substances?

No Alpha Male is not a steroid. Your making gains you should be happy about that, and most people don’t know shit about training or steroids anyway so I would just take that as a compliment.

Sounds like a huge comp dude … Take it and run :slight_smile:

Oh man, thanks guys. I didn’t even think to look at it that way. I knew I couldn’t be doing something wrong. Some peeps just want to minimize someone’s efforts I guess. Thanks again!

So 6 months of heavy and hard training, good diet, solid supplements,… sounds like everything is working out the way you’d want it to -lol.

Comments about steroids are kind of a back handed compliment as most people have no clue what they are, how big someone properly using them truly can be, nor the fact that even without them, solid diet and smart training and have a huge impact on someone’s physique. Take it positively and keep going.


definitely a good compliment. They aren’t actually complimenting you more like hating, but its a compliment nonetheless.

Hello again.

Thanks for all the feedback, guys.

Just tell them the truth. You’ve been lifting heavy, eating clean and happy your making the gains that you are making.
Working out on a regular bases and eating clean pays off! They see the proof in the way you are looking now. Be happy.