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Alpha Male Purchased Non-T-Nation

I know : it has been said often here, that Biotest stuff bought elsewhere from T-Nation may not be(are not?) as potent.

I’m sure that many people still buy em anyways. What are your comment on Alpha Male (or any other compounds they make) bought at other sources?

Just give your impressions here!!

I just got my first bottle of Alpha Male (purchased from Biotest) two days ago. I considered buying it from one other site in particular but figured that for my first “experiment” with it, I’d buy it from the company that actually developed it.

Your paying alot more for less, not a good idea to me.


Some times you don’t have any other choice. For example I am out of HOT-ROX and they are out of stock again. T-Nation has always preached that the products sold here were better, and they are, but they can’t seem to keep supply up with demand. If they do have the product in stock it is always a better deal to buy it direct.