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Alpha Male + Other Supps?


Just wondering if its ok to use Alpha Male plus an energy supplement called Black Cat...if so should i take them both together? or a few hours appart? etc...


Not sure what Black Cat is, but Alpha Male isn't an 'energy' product so I see no reason why it would be an issue. I've used Alpha Male with quite an assortment of other products and I'm still upright and breathing :slight_smile:



If it's the Black Cat supp I just found online (with caffeine, cocoa extract, naringin, and other ingredients), it should be fine. Though, I don't really get why that seems to be marketed as an energy supplement when it's basically a straight-up fat burner.

Like Stu said, I don't think there's really anything in the Alpha Male that would "overlap". I've taken Alpha Male with stimulants and fat burners without problems.

If you're at all concerned, take the Alpha Male in the morning and the other stuff before you train (presuming that's a few hours later). Also, you may want to use the general guideline of starting with a lower dose of both (or either) and gradually building up to the max suggested dose over the course of a week or two.


thanx for the help guys!!


yeah marketed as a energy supplement due to it's proprietary blend of Caffeine and DMAA, what a joke. when it comes to a stimulant such as DMAA I like to know how much i'm taking. it's not like caffeine where you have 100's of mg to play around with.