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Alpha Male or REZ-V?

What is the best test booster= Alpha Male or REZ-V? Of course I am open to any other suggestions. Thanks

Alpha Male will give you a better increase in T numbers. Both taken together would be optimal.

I’ve tried Alpha Male before and for me personally i thought that the results from this was better than other t-boosters i’ve tried. I recommend that you give it a try but in the end it’s up to you buddy.

Thanks. Is there anywhere on this site that I can check out real world results? Also how is the supplements tested before they come to market? I have noticed some good prices but I have to finish my stuff now and then I will make a purchase. Thanks

Alpha Male is a specific Testosterone production booster. It will give a nice boost to your production. REZ-V helps to keep Test from being converted to estrodial with other health benefits. As rrcj said both together gives a nice synergistic effect.

Real World results? I myself have use Alpha Male periodically and REZ-V continually. For a 37 yr old guy I feel I’m in decent shape and I continue to make muscle and strength gains which are indicative of good Test levels.