Alpha Male or Receptormax to Boosts Test?

Which is better for boosting testosterone better? Alpha Male or Receptormax?

Had a Test and found mine to me in the mid 400. Some are saying they need to be closer to 700-800 for optimal muscle gain. I am 32 yoa. I seem to add strength and size. I am 6 ft tall 244 lbs. probably about 18-20 bf%.

Also, anyone ever have any luck boosting T by losing bf?

Receptormax won’t boost T levels

Alpha Male would be the better of the 2 choices

T-levels are a highly individual thing. Some feel just good and progress well (bb-wise) with lower levels. Some feel tired all the time and don’t seem to recuperate adequately even with pretty high T-levels.

Latest research, btw, indicates that there is such a thing as testosterone sensitivity and testosterone resistance. Like insuline resistance. This may be caused by cumulative receptor shutdown. But further research is needed.

Now, if you feel well with your T-levels and don’t suffer from mood swings, insomnia, lack of libido, slow recuperation, etc., don’t worry about the number.

From my personal experience (I tested many bodybuilders T-levels in the past) it is true that the ones who easily build muscle tend to have hight T and free T levels. Some natural bodybuilders T-levels are well above what doctors call a normal range. That range is fairly low itself.

To be honest, I personally haven’t seen one single bodybuilder who was able so significantly increase T-levels via supplements. Maybe they used the wrong supps, but nothing they used really worked.

I have seen many bodybuilders who were able to somewhat increase T-levels by just sleeping and resting more. If you are depleted in sleep, your T-levels will be lower than normal.

I must have tested my T-levels like 100 times over the past 20 years. What I can say is that they are higher in times where I:

  • Sleep and rest well (8 hours+ each night, no TV in the evenings, bath before bed, etc.),
  • Eat a diet very low in junk food and only moderate in carbs
  • Eat 80-100g of fat (canola, olive oil, omega-3 eggs, red meat, peanut butter, almonds, avocados, fish oil) every day
  • Train with weights >80/85% of my 1RM
  • Have a bodyfat percentage lower than 9% !

My estogen levels are significantly higher at bodyfat levels above something like 12/13% and my T-levels are much lower (these were also the times when I ate a lot of junk, too many carbs and just got fat…).

If lowering bodyfat, lifting heavier weights and resting more doesn’t help, you should see a doctor and maybe use just 50mg of testogel (you rub it on your skin) a day.