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Alpha Male or Douchebag?


A lot of guys think they're being alpha when really they're just overcompensating. Here are some traits to know if you're overcompensating or not:

  1. Do you regularly try to bend people to your will for no other reason than to see if you can do it? For instance, do you ALWAYS have to be the guy who gets his way? If your friends are discussing where to go on a Friday night, does it ALWAYS have to be your club because you know a guy, and omg, these guys are so lame because they cant get us past the door guys like I can.

  2. Do you look down on anybody who doesn't exhibit the same social value as you do? Other male friends of female friends in particular. Do you label him as an chump or chode and get a hard-on at how well you can dominate his frame?

  3. Do you regularly refuse to supplicate to people even though theres no reason not to? Lets say your friends know of a live band they want to see on a Friday night and they insist that you come along. Do you feel compelled to ignore it and try to convince them to go elsewhere because you dont want to supplicate to their will?

  4. Do you feel the need to dominate every conversation and social interaction youre involved in? Even if you dont really care about the topic or the people youre talking to?

  5. Do you feel a desire to always be the center of attention? Do you always need to be the person whos doing the craziest, loudest, most outlandish, most attention-getting activity at any given time?

If you answered yes to more than one of these questions, you are not alpha. You are overcompensating.

In Texas theres a saying, The smallest dog barks the loudest I like to use the saying,The richest man doesnt have to tell people that hes rich.

Well, the most alpha guy doesnt need people to know how alpha he is. If hes alpha, it will be obvious. He wont have to prove it by dominating conversations and coercing people to supplicate to him.

Real charisma and dominance can be conveyed by not saying anything. A real Alpha Male understands that sometimes the best thing to say is nothing at all. A real leader doesnt lead through coercion and dominating others weakness, but by bringing out the best in those around him. He leaves people thinking, I like how I feel, how I am around that guy. Lets go back through those points above one-by-one and look at how REAL dominant behavior would behave

  1. Why would you feel the need to bend people to your will if youre already confident in yourself and what you want?

  2. Theres no reason to look down on others if you find and appreciate what others have to offer.

  3. To refuse to supplicate to someone for no reason is to put more emphasis on their perception on you rather than your own.

  4. Sometimes your best role in a social situation will be a facilitator, a support person or even just an observer.

  5. Attention only provides short-term validation.


You okay man?

Rough night?


I'm so not that way. I'm way too laid back. I think most of that type of behavior is displayed by younger guys whose parents always let them have their way, then that behavior gets transfered into adulthood and other areas. A lot of people would rather avoid conflict and let the baby have his bottle. That kind of behavior is really a shitload of insecurity coming out.

My dad always said "If you work hard, your actions speak for themselves, so you don't have to".


Congratulations. You just figured out there's assholes in the world.




I do all of those things. When I feel like life is becoming to much to handle, I cry and then jerk off with my tears.

And doesn't shit like

mean that the paragraph is copy-pasted?


I actually stole this post from one the pick up artist guys who talks about new guys learning game trying to act alpha by doing all the wrong things. I just felt like posting this here to see what y'all come across. In my personal life I have come across it maybe once or twice I usually just do what Iron Dwarf says and let the baby have his bottle.

If I would correct the person I noticed they would just see it as personal attack on them and they would get really rude/defensive note I have seen both males and females exhibit this attention seeking behavior but usually I would just let the person behave like a douche on there own.


Why would you steal such a shit post?


I like that. Simple, effective and true.






Finally... VON Douchebag


That first pic is lame. If that is what "ultra juiced up" looks like....and if having a square jaw equals steroid and GH use, then they just stomped on what most grown men are supposed to look like if they exercise regularly and don't look like pussies.


For the record, that duds pink shirt, popped collar and color aside is the right size. Har har.


Yeah dude has some good arms.

I mean outside of the attitude & dress, most of these guys bust ass in the gym. It's hard not to respect that. Especially when you know the kids making these little pictures are either 155lbs and skinnyfat or morbidly obese playing WoW all day, with no motivation but to hate on those that do what they can't.


Don't hate.... I just got those out of an old e-mail forward... and I agree it is the right size.. I'm not computer smart enough to edit that shit out...


Was thinking the same thing...I especially love how he has one little pimple on his shoulder and there's an arrow that says HUGE STEROID ZIT!


They're typically one in the same, as far as i'm concerned.


lol, god forbid someone has bad complexion or a milk allergy, they must be ah juicin...


Yea I new a girl with pimples on her body .It was nasty. She always wanted me to rub her back. She could never understand the reason for a fresh pair of latex gloves.