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Alpha Male or Carbolin 19??


Hey everybody...... Would you recommend Carbolin 19 or Alpha Male? Im looking for something to give me a boost in strength and size. Im mainly going for strength right now..... but size is always nice

Im 6'3", 210lbs., and 23 y/o.
Also, which supplement is safer?
Thanks for your help in advance.


At your age, I'd opt for Carbolin 19. Unless you feel you have low Testosterone levels.

I think you'd notice more tangible results with Carbolin 19 (again, unless your Testosterone levels are low).

Both are safe and effective, provided you follow the label directions.

Hope this helps your decision making!


I agree with atmosphere. I you have to choose one, I'd go with Carbolin 19.

Both are safe supplements.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the help guys. Carbolin 19 it is!!!


Cy, a quick question...... if I had access to some MAG-10, would that be as safe as the Carbolin 19?

Somebody at a certain "Vitamin Shop" told me that it could cause problems with reproduction..... birth defects, etc.... is this true? Thanks again for you time.


First I'd make sure what was at Vitamin Shop was MAG-10 with the pro-steroids (androgens) in them and not MAG-10 the Avenger.

Now in terms of potential side effects from androgens, yes, especially with prolonged use, decreased fertility can be an issue. The birth defects on the other hand, I've never seen any data to support that statement.


If you used the full amount suggested on the bottle (of real MAG-10, not the MAG-10 Avenger) for 2 weeks, then did 2 weeks with Alpha Male or TRIBEX and M, then 2 more weeks of MAG-10, and once again 2 weeks with Alpha Male or TRIBEX and M....... would this be considered "prolonged use"?


That's fine. I wouldn't be overly concerned about fertility issues with that type of protocol.


Great, thanks for the help Cy.