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Alpha Male On an Empty Stomach?

I found another thread about this, but the question was never answered so I shall ask again. On the bottle of Alpha Male it says take on an empty stomach, but how important is this,and what does an empty stomach mean? If i take my pills in the morning, then wait 10 mintues to eat my breakfast will that be good enough, or should i be waiting an hour or so. Does taking them on a full stomach make them less effective(or am i just thinking about this too much :P)? Any answers to these questions would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

I’m not an expert but I would wait 45 minutes to an hour before eating something (maybe eat first, wait an hour or 90 minutes, then take Alpha Male). 10 minutes is too soon IMO. It’s a tablet, I’m guessing it probably takes a bit of time to dissolve, then exit the stomach. Since it’s an expensive (and IMO it’s also effective) supplement, it’s worth giving yourself some time.

This is fine, and what I do when using Alpha Male.