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Alpha Male Off-Cycle



I've been taking Alpha Male for 2months now and have gained 15pounds so far. However, I know that eventually if I was to discontinue taking it my T levels would go back to whatever my natural baseline is. Would I lose muscle? has anyone used it and got off it for a long while without taking a similar product??

I know it doesnt neccesarily mean I will, because it may have just helped me get to where I should be naturally quicker, but id just like some experienced advice as to whether I will be likely to maintain what I have gained. thanks guys.


Your Testosterone levels will return to baseline within a couple of weeks after you stop using Alpha Male.

I doubt that you would lose muscle unless you fail to eat and train properly to maintain it.


Yeah, wot Mod Brian said.

Alpha Male didn't make the gains, your exercise and diet made the gains, Alpha Male just helped you along.

It takes a lot less effort to maintain gains than to make them the first time.

So you might not be able to train as hard as you have been, or recover as fast, but you won't need to do so, to maintain your gains.

If you sit around eating junk and not exercising, it will still take quite a few weeks to lose your strength levels, and even longer to lose your muscle.

And even if you lost all your gains from sitting on you ass for 6 months, you'd re-gain them real fast, even without Alpha Male, if you start training again. Takes much less effort to make the gains back again, than to make them in the first place.

So don't worry, just get on with it.