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Alpha Male & Maximum Strength HOT-ROX

Does anyone have any experience stacking these 2 supplements together? If so, what kind of results did you get? I’ve been on Maximum Strength HOT-ROX for six weeks and have a bottle of Alpha Male lying unopened and wondered if the two would be a good combo.

It’s exactly what I’m doing at the moment.

I’m using the Alpha-Male to help me recover quicker (allowing me to train twice a day) and to help preserve lean mass.

The HOT-ROX do, well, what HOT-ROX say they’ll do on the tin :slight_smile:

I’m currently doing a Tier-training strength endurance session Mon, Weds, Fri.

I’m doing interval cardio Tues, Thurs.

and I’m doing some form of light cardio (cross trainer, rowing machine, swimming) in the evenings for half an hour or so.

P+C for breakfast and post workout. P+F the remainder of the time.

(Porridge made with rolled porridge oats, water, a little milk + berries + vanilla grow = breakfast of the gods)

Any other questions, shout up.

Oh, and yes, the Fat’s falling off me, along with a mild strength increase. (which could be adaptation but I don’t think so).

You can take them together. They do different things for different reasons. Alpha Male is a Testosterone booster and HOT-ROX is a “cutting” agent and it is thermogenic. My favorite combo though is Alpha Male and Methoxy-7. Methoxy-7 is anabolic, so the two work well together.

Thanks for the input guys. I’m just looking for a little extra something while lifting on my diet. I’ve went from 212.6 to 194lbs in the last 6 weeks while on HOT-ROX. I’ve been able to make increases in muscle mass and strength, but in the last week my workouts have lagged strengthwise just a bit. Hoping the Alpha Male will give me an extra boost. Im rambling now, thanks.

so what did you do to acheive that loss then? (other than the HOT-ROX)…

how much of it is fat?

Basically I am eating 5 meals a day at roughly 300-350 calories each. I take a daily multi and also supplement with flax and fish oils. I consume 40-50 grams of protein per meal with minimal carbs besides green vegetables and some oatmeal in the mornings. I train each body part once per week with a mon/wed/fri/sat split. I keep reps to a max of 8 doing no more than 16 total sets, and going to failure only on the last set of each exercise. I have done no cardio during the six weeks.

As for percentage of bodyfat lost/muscle gained, I can only tell you what the mirror says: pretty good. I have gained strength and muscle mass, as for numbers, i do not have any.

I went from eating fast food everyday and also having(no bullshit) 8-10 glasses of pepsi a day to eating completely clean. I have 1 cheat meal every 2 weeks but absolutely no soda. The only drinks I have are protein shakes, water and an occasional ice coffee.

All and all I just follow Beradi’s seven eating habits and CT’s advice on fat loss.