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Alpha Male: Manhood Reduction

Hi everyone. First post so cut me some slack this time around. I’ve actually been following this site since 1998 when I first started to consider doing a cycle or 2 of 'roids. Never did any, but learned a hell of a lot.

So why am I posting after keeping silent all of this time… cause I’m completely confused and hope someone could give me an explanation as to why Alpha Male seems to work in reverse for me.

I’m a 33 yr old African American.
I have never had a shortage of sex drive and have always been like the energizer bunny. I could “let loose” and stay rock hard. I’d wipe off and just keep going.

No down time whatsoever!!!

But the 2x I’ve tried Alpha Male (old Alpha Male), within a week my manhood would begin to diminish.

I become a little more aggressive (socially and sexually) but the man of steel is nowhere to be found.

I can still “get it up” but my erections aren’t as strong as usual and there are significant intermissions between launches.

Can anyone give me an explanation as to why I seem to get the opposite effect?

I have used Carbolin 19 which seems to feel much cleaner and more natural elevation of test. to my system. (In other words my hormones don’t feel out of wack). Although, after I come off Carbolin 19 I get similar side effects as Alpha Male, just not as pronounced. But the benefits I get while on Carbolin 19 are significant.

Thanks for your help in advance guys!!!

ever thought it might be another reason.

Well I would think it might be something else, but after I get off the Alpha Male in 3-4 days I’m back in full swing. Like right now !!! :slight_smile:

But seriously, I was hoping to find out how it (Alpha Male) works to elevate T. For example, I just realized that I naturally tend to have very low levels of zinc. I found this out by trying to find a natural cure for my life long psoriasis. If I’m training hard and I don’t double up on supplementing zinc my psoriasis comes back.

I’m wondering if maybe I’m deficient in some vitamin/mineral and maybe taking Alpha Male depletes my stores of it even more. Maybe that would cause the effects? I don’t know.