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Alpha Male+M Results

Gents and Ladies,
I just finished up my first bottle of Alpha Male w/M…great results.
What’s everybodies take on a second bottle through?
And stacking HOT-ROX with it?
OR Spike for an early day boost?

Please get into possible stacks and what anyone has done. It would really be appreciated.

Stay Strong,

I would like to know if they’re fat soluble or stay in the system. My testosterone stayed high for a couple weeks after I finished the first cycle.

while we’re on the topic, stupid question, but why cycle the Alpha Male?

My experiences have been real good. I started taking M over the summer and I must say it helped keep my moods in check(I was calmer) I started taking RED KAT in October and I noticed immediatly an improvement in my strengh when at the gym, although my mood was altered a little(I could feel myself not as calm and was a little snippy) I cycled Alpha Male during Jan and I must say I kept the strengh up and the mood swings down. I just wish Biotest wasn’t out of stock so I could order another bottle

Same here…i think it is a ploy of Biotest to sell out what is the most popular. A man made “supply and demand” curve. Also a plan to spike sales…no pun intended.

As far as moods, not much of a change for me…always moody. But strength levels are through the roof and i am leaning out real well w/o the whole swing. I like the M & Alpha Male combo. Any ideas on adding Spike to the mix?


No issues–I did 2 Spike with M in the morning and Alpha Male

One warning I admit my stupidity I had a real tough trainning day yesterday so I took 4 HOT-ROX six hours after taking the Spike and I was jazzed the rest of the night, not a good feeling my heart was beating way too fast; I will not do that again.