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Alpha Male - Lifitng Heavy or Easy?


Recently I've been incredibly unmotivated to lift and hence don't work nearly as hard at the gym as I used to.

Will Alpha Male have a considerably smaller effect given that I don't lift as much/as intensively as at better times? Or is it better to wait until I'm back to normal routine? Might Alpha Male "help" with motivation?


I'm not sure about Alpha Male ie i'm ignorant as to what its effects are. On the motivation issue though i am incredibly unmotivated but still hit the gym 3 days/week. You don't "need" to be motivated just have a goal you want to reach every month or 2 or 6 and plod towards it. As Nike say "Just do it."


As a student with only 2 years' training under your belt, I'm assuming you're quite young, and therefore it isn't likely that your Testosterone levels have dropped the way they have for the post-30 crowd. Consequently, although Alpha Male can help boost T-levels to "normal" I can't assume that it's what you need right now.

You're a student, several weeks into the semester. Is it likely that you are starting to slow down due to the pressure from academics and maybe a job on the side and perhaps trying to cram in a social life? There might be some simply stressors in your life that are causing the "lack of motivation."

If you eat well, get plenty of sleep, and aren't bogged down with too much daily social detritus, consider just takeing a week off from working out. If you've already "lost" too much time in the gym, consider a stimulant before workouts. Many people find that Spike helps them focus wonderfully during workouts. Power Drive (especially with a little caffeine) 30-40 minutes pre-workout also helps get many people "up" for the gym.


Thanks for responses.

Well, the problem is that no longer I eat well, sleep well, keep up with school-work, feel well. I've had periods like that in the past and working out was a highlight of the day, something that kept me alive and running. Now even that is gone and without physical exercise, the overall condition goes down.

That's part of the reason I thought of some "supplemental" ways to possibly boost my work-out . I take plenty of time off... And unfortunately it's no longer planned...