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Alpha Male In Stores

I may have missed some posts about it but I just noticed some Alpha Male in a nutrition store last night. It was new though clear bottle and also has vitex in it. I thought you were only able to get it through the site ?

I remember Chris Shugart saying something about Alpha Male not being sold on the website anymore. I know sites like netrition now stock it.

Then there was a hint that it would come back to the T-Nation site store. Now we’re stuck in limbo. No idea if it will ever come back or not.

I thought that they were “cutting out the middleman” now… urg.

I bought some on another site last week. It was out of stock on Biotest’s page. It’s a couple of dollars more but not much.

I would really prefer to buy this stuff through T-Mag, as they’ve pointed out that the money goes back to the site if it is bought here.

But if they don’t keep it in stock…

yeah…I’m almost at the point where I’m gonna have to decide soon whether to get off it, or order it from some other company.
Which I don’t want to do–either option.
Come on, guys!
If these other stores have it–and the reformulated stuff to boot, why can’t we have it?
Or…is it…that they’re clearing out…because…Carbolin-19 is coming…and we’ll have no need of the Alpha Male…when we get the Carbolin-19?