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Alpha Male for Over-35 Guys?


Hey folks, just wondering how the over 35 guys respond to using Alpha Male (I'm in my mid forties, working out for a while). Also, any side effects hair loss ?, trouble sleeping ? etc.
Thanks for any info.

(I've already searched the supplements section)


The group you mention, and I can vouch for this as I am 37, usually feels the most from Alpha Male. This is due to Testosterone production not being what it was in our twenties or early thirties and with Alpha giving it a big push up we generally notice the benefits in the weight room and the bedroom.

The side effect you speak of usually occur with synthetic testosterone (steroids) in unnaturally high levels where if you don't know what you are doing can cause dire effects. So, in a nutshell you don't have to worry about them with Alpha Male.



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Thanks fellas.


I have medical proof it works. It raises my free test 30%. It had minimal effect on total t.


Old thread resurrected.

Wondering if anyone since these posts have experimented with or continued to use A/M with good results (or not) for your goals.

Pusharder/Rockscar/Dedicated -- still using it? Can you attribute any growth to from using A/M?

I have a little extra 'funny money' this month and in the experimental mood. Diet is in check and in caloric excess and I'm looking for any edge in breaking a growth plateau. Recently turned 37, so looking for any 'T' advantage I can get in any form.

Do you need to use or do you use Rez-V in addition to A/M?


I have been using them both Steely. Has it added mass? Who knows. My wieght loss has slowed, and my britches are still getting larger. So I'm speaking emperically.

I'm going to lay off it for a while and see if the weight loss speeds up.


Interesting- thanks!



I'll be 47 in a few days and I recently used Alpha Male for the first time. Good stuff - make sure your wife/GF is primed and ready. No side effects - negative ones that is


I'm 45, and I use it. When I was doing 2 in the morning and 2 at night, I thought I'd explode. My preference is 1 am and 1pm. I am currently doing 1 am only, due to lack of fundage - trying to make it last.

I haven't tested for test levels, and I didn't take any early measurements, so I can't talk to mass. However, I feeel a HELL OF A LOT better in general terms, with a lot more energy. I figure my test must have been low. I am 45 and 278 lbs.

hope this helps

Train Harder,


I just ordered a bottle. I'm 46 and I'm going to run a test. Of course this is totally unscientific. I'll weigh myself and measure myself. Also what poundages I'm working out with. Then at end of the Alpha Male bottle I'll reweigh, remeasure, and check in with my increase in weights. I'll also report on any side effects both positive and negative.


I use REZ-V consistently, it offers great health benefits as well as helping with Testosterone, and periodically run cycles of Alpha Male. Probably about every other month or so. I'll be 38 in a couple of weeks and I'm still making gains from the weights and remain very physically active in my free time. I feel good, have decent strength levels, and high energy levels. I feel Alpha Male plays an important role in this.

However, I also train consistently with the weights, try to eat good 75% of the time, and use Surge and BCAAs, Creatine, Superfood, and BETA-7, so they all play a part. Hell, I even ordered L-Luecine and ReceptorMax recently and will be adding them in. Anything to get an edge and reap better gains from the weights.



PS, you asked about side effects. The only thing I noticed is that when I took them 2am and 2pm, I felt on edge - like on speed. Once I lowered the dose a bit, I felt fine, but still with better well-being and energy.

Train Harder,


I use Alpha Male and love the results. It gets me rockin' for my morning cardio and evening with my girl.

Wish it was cheaper though.


Hi guys thx all this info is great I am going to be 51 and have decided I need something other than what I am doing ( dont get me wrong its working just costing to much) I do 50 mg of DHEA, and around 2500 Mg of tribulus and then I started trying Carbolin 19, now I think I can replace all that with Alpha Male am I correct. And will I be okay with that and HOT-ROX as I need to burn off about 7% body fat now, ( I am finishing off a bottle of Beasts 2 Shredded and will be buying AM on Wensday and HOT-ROX the following week.


I just turned 40, and have been using it for about 5 months. It works, period. I love it in the gym, my girlfriend loves it in the bedroom.


The three main ingredients are
tribulus terrestris
vitex agnus-castus
eurycoma longfolia

Wiki entries for these:

Interesting note on vitex, according to Wikipedia, it was originally used as anti-libido medicine by monks to aid their attempts to remain celibate. The other two extracts are frequently used as aphrodisiacs.

Do those of you that use Alpha Male, follow the cycling guidlines (no more than 5 days/week)?

I'm tempted to try it. Would like to hear more feedback.

Steely, did you ever try it?


I follow the cycling guidelines. I do 2 in the morning, 2 in the afternoon, on weekdays. I take weekends off.


I have an unopened bottle sitting in the 'supp cab'. I'm waiting to get some labs done, then I'm gonna pounce on it.


If you guys don't like the price of A/M, make your own...
Tongkat Ali 800mg's x 120 caps $12.49
Tribulus 250mg's x 120 caps $ 3.59
Vitex 400mg's x 120 caps $ 2.49
ForsLean 125mg's x 120 caps $11.50

70 caps of A/M for $40.00, or 120 caps for $28.50?
Plus it's four times the milligrams too.

Don't get me wrong, I like the stuff that is sold here, I just don't like the prices.
And if you really want to "free" up your testosterone, take Resveratrol, trans-resveratrol to be specific.
Always read the label, if it's not trans-resveratrol, don't spend your money...