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Alpha Male for Guys Our Age?

Week 1 I didn’t work out a ton due to a stupid cold right after I got over pneumonia. I had gone about a year without a cold then boom! I’m feeling mostly better today so lifted pretty heavy. I did increase every lift slightly but that could have been from the rest.
I noticed libido increased but that wasn’t a huge issue. On the first few days I felt something physically there but that’s subsided.

This thread would be more appropriate reposted in the Biotest Supplement Advice forum.

Libido isn’t necessarily a symptom of low testosterone. Body fat certainly isn’t either.

There are definitely some junk Test boosters around with crap ingredients or, worse, kitchen sink formulas containing trace amounts of every herb and mineral that was ever vaguely connected to possibly-maybe-slightly raising Testosterone.

Alpha Male has been around for years and guys have gotten good results with it. If you’re natural Test is normal or on the low end of normal, you should feel some benefit. If you’re naturally running high, then you won’t see much, which is why guys in their 20s generally aren’t recommended to use Test boosters.

At the end of the day, if you’re taking it, give it a solid shot. Follow the label directions and see how you feel for a month or so, then wait a few weeks and get bloodwork done to see where your natural levels are, and go from there.

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Okay, cool. Thanks! I am hoping it just gives me a little aggressive edge in my training this month.

Let us know how it goes. Personally, I have not found any supplement to work well, and I have been working out solidly since the 1980s and tried pretty much everything. I’m over 50 and on TRT now - so I adjust my dose here and there to get that alpha feeling back. All of the test boosters I have found were pretty bogus and filled with all sorts of herbs and chemicals that made me feel worse. You may want to get a blood test to check your Testosterone levels - around 35 is when they start to drop. If you do, make sure you get Free Testosterone and not just Total. your probably fine and just need to tweak your diet. Also try vitamin D - works great for boosting Test levels naturally and regulates dozens of other bodily processes.