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Alpha Male Faithful?

I have a specific question that needs answering, if someone doesn’t mind. More answers the better…

I am 6’2" and weigh a lean but very solid 175 lbs. I am 29 years old and have been training faithfully and fairly intelligently for 13 years. Nevertheless…MY perceived effects of Alpha Male perplex me.
I have had this product sitting on my shelf for sometime now, very skeptical of using it. I am not balding, my sex drive has always been in tact, and I am in very good shape all year round. My goals now are to increase strength, and increase my lean body mass, not decrease fat. I have consistently maintained 7-8% body fat and do not need to drop fat. My interests in Alpha Male are purley strength and lean muscle mass. I have no fat to lose and am afraid this product will cut more body fat. Please tell me, did I waste my money, or is this product still worth taking based on my personal goals.
PS…My diet is on point, so if “eat massive” is a reply…I do.
Very much appreciate any help…

Well, I don’t think it will cause you to burn fat, that’s HOT-ROX. Mostly what you will get after being on Alpha Male for a few days is pretty cool! Though everyone is different, this stuff turns me in to a damn mad man! I just feel brutal at the gym. It’s like I could power clean my 1RM deadlift! You have to keep your sanity in check though too or might end up slitting a few throats. There have been a few times I’ve had the urge to snap the arms off a few really annoying college frat punks at the bars for no reason other than it sounded like fun at the time. Be careful my friend, those little black pills are dangerous(in a oh so good way!)!

Okay, okay…so my training intensity will increase. Thats good info amigo. I suspect there will be a notable difference in comparison to the usual intensity that proper nutrition, adeqate rest, pre and post workout mental preparation have always provided. I have been in this game a while, and I understand the “must factor” (as I like to call it)that it takes to benefit 100% from training.
I rarely have problems with “intensity” when it comes to training. What about density, deep tissue thickness as a result? Any notacble changes in that aspect?