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Alpha Male: Fact, Rumor, or Fiction

Hi guys. I just wondered if we could get a little more certainty on the future of Alpha Male on the T-Nation store site?

Will it be returning? If so, will it be soon? I need to re-order soon since my last bottle is about half gone.

Is it being replaced by Carbolin-19? I.e. if Carbolin-19 comes out soon and I buy that, will I need to stop taking Alpha Male, making the point moot?

Just trying to plan how much Alpha Male I buy when I restock, and if I can buy it here or have to buy elsewhere.


Carbolin-19 is NOT a replacement for Alpha Male. It’s not a Testosterone secretagogue.

As far as Alpha Male, it will be available soon from Biotestedge.com.

If you run out before it’s back in stock on T-mag, it’s available online at other sites at the same price.

Cool thanks. That at least lets me know I won’t be wasting my money if I get another bottle or two.

When is the estimated take-off of Carbolin-19? That’s a biggie.