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Alpha Male Experiences?


Hello, I am about to start a cutting diet and I am interested in possibly taking Alpha Male to keep t-levels high while increasing cardio and reducing carbs. I'd be interested in hearing from those who have taken it what the experience has been like.


I would ike to hear about this too! Has anybody taken it?


I've been taking it for the last few months, and definitely feel that it assists in my recovery. Haven't had a chance to use it through a contest prep yet, but as I'm currently liking it so much, I'll probably continue through the Spring and let you guys know if it helps me hold on to any more LBM while dieting.



i used it once. i felt better with respect to recovery too, and a bit more 'virle' in the sack.

but make sure you're old enough. dont' take it too early.


That's an interesting comment, I'm still pretty young (25) so that was something that I was slightly worried about. Thanks for the tip.


There's nothing to be worried about with using Alpha Male as long as you're past puberty.


Okay, that's one of the main reasons I'm asking. I haven't tried a t supplement before so I wasn't sure if you have to run the risk of having your body become "dependent" upon it or something like that. I wouldn't have thought so as long as you cycle per the directions. I also don't plan on taking it forever. I'm going to do a 16 week cut, and on previous cuts I've experienced t-levels dropping so I thought this may be a good help.


Sounds like a good time to give it a go.

I'm of the same age, and I use it. Though, I had some odd health issues in the past that prompted my decision, but I definitely feel it helps.

Let us know how your cut turns out, especially if you add in Alpha Male!


Definitely. Placed an order for Alpha Male, BCAA, and Flameout today. I am giddy like a school boy.



When you are my age (twice the age you are now), you will appreciate it's T-boosting properties even more.


I have been taking it off an on for a few months now and I really like it. I have a lot more energy overall when I am taking it. Just make sure you cycle it per the instruction- it is some powerful stuff. Also might I suggest having a willing female around for the "side effects" of a T booster.


I honestly felt nothing when using it. Maybe I am to young and my test is at its highest. One thing I have found works best is Zinc in the morning. Once agian thats just me. Might go really well for you. Best of luck


What does the Zinc in the morning do?


I think Charles Poliquin recomends Zinc in the morning, has something to do with testosterone being higher at that time.


Has anyone considered trying Tongkat Ali? I have been using it for a short time. Has anyone expeirenced insomnia using Alpha Male? I seem to develope insomnia using the Tongkat Ali, which is a noted side effect. I may switch to AM if no one notices the sleep problem.


I haven't tried either, but my Alpha Male just arrived yesterday, I'm going to start my cycle on Monday so I'll let you know if I experience any sleep problems with it.


Sleep issues are not common with Alpha Male use.

With that said, I still wouldn't take it immediately prior to bed.


i had been playing around about ordering Alpha Male, jsut pulled the trigger on 2 bottles. im anxious to try it too and see how i react to it. i have high expectations. i also will update my experiences in this thread as i use it.


as it happens I just got mine sent the other day. I just took one capsule and had an immediate effect if you know what I mean, didn't really expect to see it work that quickly lol. Will see how it carries over to gym performance but I remember that last time I used Alpha Male I noticed increased aggression and intensity. On a personal level it makes me more confident, borderline cocky. Gotta love your Alpha Male!


I notice my arms remain in a state of vascularity most of the time.
Maybe that is simply the Carbolin 19, which I hope soon becomes available as a stand alone supplement, but Alpha Male will do for the time being.