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Alpha Male Experiences?


I just ordered two bottles of Alpha Male and I'm curious to know what other's have experienced with the product.

I am 37 yo, 5'8" 179 lbs with approx 15% BF. For the past year or so, I've been tired/lethargic, my gains in the gym have slowed. My labido is good, but I never wake up with morning wood anymore. I suspect I may have low T. I may have always had low T - late onset puberty, low LBM (prior to working out), etc. I was always the really skinny kid. I was tested when I was growing up, but as I've read Dr.'s really suck at identifying and treating these issues. I can't even get my doctor to order the right lab work to see if there is an issue.


It is worth a shot.
I would make sure my diet is dialed in with a increase in protein and fish oils.
I would not drink or eat out of plastic.
I would get 7+ hrs a night sleep
Lift heavy and brief sessions do high intensity cardio for your cardio.


You may have low T, but you may have high E2 also. The symptoms are basically the same for many men.
Lets say your T levels are 400 and your E2 levels are the 40, just as an example...
That would make your T:E2 ratio 10 to 1, which is so low you would suffer all the symptoms of low T you mention.

But if you were to lower your E2 level into the low 20's ( say, 22) that would give you a ratio of approximately 22:1. 22:1 may be enough to give you "back your life" as you remember it.
If you respond to the A-M, you will need to consider controlling your E2. As more circulating T eventually makes more circulating E2, you may feel good for a while, then feel once again like you do now.
There are many ways to control your E2 levels, without using something as strong as adex. Two examples are Resveratrol and Chrysin.

Resveratrol has many more side benefits than Chrysin does, and costs about the same per month ($15.00)
I tell guys all the time that when your morning wood comes back, you are very close to being where your body is "your friend" again.


What about Reversitol by Ifoce nutrition - any thoughts ?


Thanks. Yeah, I know E2 can also be an issue. I've heard mixed things about Chrysin (i.e. it works, but its not easliy absord by the body, so taking it orally really doesn't help most people. I'll have to check out the reservatol. I haven't really done much reading on that. I've also read that flaxseed and coniferous vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, etc.) may help reduce E2. I'm going to try upping my intake of those. It can't hurt - lot's of other benefits to go along with them.

I'll be interested to see what, if any effect the Alpha Male has. My diet and training are in good order, so this should be a good experiment for me.


Yea, way overpriced for what it has...


Chrysin when taken with bioperene is very absorbable, and, to help Resveratrol be absorbed better it should be taken with Quercetin.

Cruciferous vegetables are the "source" of the ingredients in another natural aromitase inhibitor.

If you don't have morning wood, you have some sort of E2 problem. Period. I hope taking the A-M doesn't make your problems worse.


I have tried Alpha Male on two occassions. Good results both time. Don't go nuts with a bunch of extra calories. Stay clean and lean, drink plenty of fluids as it has a diurectic effect.

Morning wood won't be a problem - at all


KNB and Tmcquire - Thanks. I'll try the A-M and an AI and see how that works.

KNB - Is there a brand of reservatol you recommend?


Yes there is and it is the best priced per milligram I have found so far. I will send you a PM with the info.


Could you PM that info my way, too? Thanks!