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Alpha Male + Drinking


I was thinking about starting to take this and just have one question. I usually drink once or twice a week. I know I shouldn't but I want to enjoy college some. Will drinking and taking Alpha Male hurt me? Maybe I can just drink on the cycle off days? Thanks.




Drinking usually enhances the powers of drugs, so I say, why are you limiting yourself to two nights a week?

Just kidding - I would give you a better answer, but I don't know anything about Alpha Male.

It seems that if you did it at traditional college age, it probably won't impact you as much as it would if you were say 27 or older.

Someone please answer this kid's question.



If your going to drink I say don't waste the money on Alpha Male. You can enjoy college without drinking. It's just what is more important to you. Just my 2 cents.

take care


Hasn't hurt me so far...


So what's the point of this post? Nothing, really...


It's a good habit to get in to avoiding consumption of alcohol with any dietary supplements or drugs.

Alcohol in combination is always the leader when it comes to ER visits and likely causes of death.

I think most will tell you they haven't had any problems doing so, but again, I would avoid doing so, as it's just a good habit to get in to.


I am definitely not an expert, but I would not recommend it as it seems counterproductive to me. It is my understanding that alcohol kills T and Alpha Male helps elevate it.

Just my opinion.



Okay, thanks for the help.


That's not very logical rationale. Alpha Male can only help boost testosterone. Maybe less effective if drinking a few nights a few. You're still better off than if you're not taking it and drinking. Enjoying college without drinking is a separate isssue.


Dude, don't listen to any of the science geeks, Dave Tate told me at the Test Fest that science is a bunch of bullshit. And Dave Barr told me that alcohol is a negative on the anobolic index but Alpha Male is a BIG positive, so obviously Alpha Male overpowers any alchohol you drink and will turn you into superman.

Ok really though, Moderation is the key, if you have alcohol in your system for say 6 hours out of the week you have plenty of other hours to have good thing happening. Will your progress be optimal? No not physically speaking, but I also think there is something to be said for the mental side of things. If drinking a few beers with your buds relaxes you and cuts a ton of stress off from school and other stressful things, then it can do some good.



I disagree. Why would someone buy a supplement that they aren't going to get the full effect from because of choices they make(drinking). We also don't know what kinda of drinker he is. What if it's a few nights of binge drinking. I agree that taking Alpha Male and drinking most likely won't hurt him but I don't think that it is a very smart choice. It's not something I would do or tell someone else it is ok to do.

He also said in his post that he was just wanting to enjoy college some(I ssumed he meant by drinking). So yes enjoying college without drinking is a seperate issue from what his question was but not one I just randomly brought up. I hinted that you don't need to drink to have a good time.


Because if he's gonna drink anyone- which is his choice, something he needs to evalutate, and a separate-issues Alpha Male will still benefit T levels. Just not as much as if he weren't drinking. The decision to drink is a separate one from taking Alpha Male. Awareness of its effect of T and other health and training issues is important. Alpha Male will likely benefit the training and health of someone who drinks. Probably even moreso for someone who doesn't.

On the other hand, I'd wager that Alpha Male might even help someone who drinks even more. Alpha Male might be uncessary for a young colege student who's T levels are through the roof. Even moreso for a non-drinking one. Maybe for a drinking one, it'll give that added benefit and maximize endogenous T.


I agree with you about Alpha Male being uncerssary for a young college. You also bring up other interesting points. I think we all have given this guy more than enough info and opinions to make the best choice he can under his circumstances.

Take care


Correct me if I'm wrong but, Alpha Male stimulates lutienizing hormone (spelling?) and so does alcohol but alcohol lowers test levels... so if you want the Alpha Male to offset the lowered test from drinking, you should probably save your money (one way or the other).


isnt it possible that using both concurrently will lower T and up estrogen? excess testosterone may get turned into estrogen along the way somewhere with the introduction of alcohol.. . I hear it happens with many "natural" T raisers anyway. ..


I agree I don't need to drink to enjoy college but it is just something I like to do. Going out with my friends and drinking is just something I like to do. That's not going to change.

That being said, if taking Alpha Male and also drinking will put my health at risk or be useless, there is no way I would take it.

Thanks guys for the help.