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Alpha Male Dosage


I've heard many of you say that Alpha Male is great, etc.

I'm curious though, did anyone get good results with just 1 tab in AM and 1 tab in PM? Or has everyone done 2 tabs?

I know I'll have to try to see if it works for me, but I wanted some anecdotal data. Also, the bottle will last twice as long if I can get good results with 1 tab.




There are those who will respond well to a minimum dose and won't need to bump it to the full dose. This is just a body chemistry thing and has nothing to do with overall weight or size. Just start with the minimum dose and see how you feel. If no effect is noticed after a week or so then increase until you feel a response.



I never tried the max dose. The minimum recommended worked fine for me.


I just started taking it two days ago. I've decided to start with one in the AM and one in the afternoon for the first two weeks to see how I respond. Depending on the results I'll try bumping it to two and then three. It probably comes down to what your desired effect is and your age. I wanted to try it to help speed recovery and get a little more aggressive. I suppose if you're older or after a libido boost the larger doses would be better. Just my .02 though



I'm only 24, but while my wife is gaining weight with a baby on the way, I'm gaining weight. Then, after the baby is born, we can lose some of the "baby fat" together. Works out for us.

Hoping the Alpha Male will just gimme a little boost while gaining.