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Alpha Male Contest Prep

I am going to be doing some bb contests this spring, starting around mid march.
My diet and most of my supps are fine, but i was wanting to know which would help me the most. Alpha Male, TRIBEX, RED KAT, or M. (or a combination) I compete in natural shows and can not use prohormones either. None of those are considered prohormones are they?
I am 5’9" and 175 lbs approx 7% so I am not needing to do any quick cutting. thanks for any input and opinions.

I’d suggest Alpha Male with M.

If you can afford it, Alpha Male with Methoxy-7 and follow up with M.

Methoxy-7 is not a pro hormone is it? I read throught the thread about it but did not see anything about if it is or not. Right now I am thinking of using Alpha Male (full dose) w/ the full dose of M. Would Methoxy-7 be safe and effective if added in? Also I have some ripped fuel w/ ephedra that I was going to take during the cutting phase also (just one pill pre work out then one more when I start to crash at work) Would it be ok to take all of them or should I just stick to Alpha Male and M?

purdiver, in answer to your question, Methoxy-7 is not a PH.

The combo sounds great! Alpha Male will help you to increase your T levels to high normal (for you). M will facilitate the removal of E from the body and also boost T levels. The two work well together.

From there, if you’re dieting, Methoxy-7 will help you to preserve LBM while doing so. Using an ephedra based product would be fine to use with the products you’ve selected.

In addition to the supps, I’ll assume you’ve put the same amount of thought into optimizing your diet. (grin)

Thanks for the input.
Yeah the diet is dialed in. I wouldn’t even think of spending money on supps if I would waste it b/c of my diet. Thanks again for the suggestions.

I do INBF shows and here is the rules on PH. Does anyone know if Methoxy-7 would be considered 1 Test??
HORMONES AND ALL PRECURSORS & METABOLITES, DERIVATIVES AND RELATED COMPOUNDS The use of any hormone (injectable, oral, sublingual or otherwise) for bodybuilding purposes ? including insulin ? is strictly prohibited. All hormonal precursors (DHEA, androstenedione, 19-norandrostenedione, androstenediol, 5-AD, 7-KetoDHEA, androsteneTRIONE, etc.) are banned effective January 1, 2000. Prescription Thyroid hormone medication when used for bodybuilding purposes is banned. Pro-Steroids (1-Test), etc. are banned effective January 1, 2000. The presence of any banned substance in the urine (i.e., nandrolone, etc.), no matter how it arrived there, is ruled as a positive (failure).