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Alpha Male/Carbolin 19 Stack


So I just got my package from Biotest.

Alpha Male
Carbolin 19
Orange Cream Metabolic Drive

I am going to take the Alpha Male with Carbolin 19 as well as Metabolic Drive, ZMA, Surge, Creatine, and a Multi Vitamin.

I am on my second week of the Superhero Program, so I hope to see some crazy results. Who has Stacked Carbolin 19 and Alpha Male? And will I be impressed?

Also I have a little bit of fat that I want to get rid of so I will be doing a good amount of cardio. Is this a good idea? or will the Carbolin 19 take care of that on its own?

Thanks for all the replies!! I hope they are good ones, and I will report back in a month on my progress.

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Limit you cardio when trying to add mass. I haven't stacked Carbolin 19 with Alpha Male yet, just used Carbolin 19 on it's own.

It's incredible, my bf% stayed about the same for over a month when I used Carbolin 19, and I'm almost through my 2nd bottle. Now I've started cutting down and aim aiming for my lowest bf% ever.

I've been cutting for almost 2 weeks and I've lost absolutely no strength - my lifting may have even gone up a little in the bench.


It won't be any kind of miracle stack.

You will probably notice a little body comp change and it should help support your lifing and goals though.


Carbolin 19 is officially my favorite Biotest supp outside of the protein powders. I've been stacking it with Alpha Male for several months now and am more than pleased with the return on investment. Good luck.


anybody else?



I've been using the Carbolin 19 and Alpha Male together for a few weeks and like what is going on so far. I powerlift, rather than bodybuild. So far I seem to be progressing somewhat faster now, keeping lard off of my ass better, and feeling like I have more fury when I go lift. Kinda like a bit of better clarity compared to if you never took anything other than a vitamin.

I was not aware of Orange Cream flavored Metabolic Drive. Normally I see options for strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, etc. Orange Cream to me is like blood to Hannibal Lecter.

I sense an order of Orange Cream in the short future.