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Alpha Male/Carbolin 19/Methoxy-7


Anyone have any experience cycling these 3 supplements?

Should I just stick to the regular dosage recommendations or is there a better way?

Any info would be appreciated


That would be an awesome stack. As long as your nutrition and training is on point (which hell.. if it's not, you are oblivious to life because there's enough FREE nutritional/training information on here to help anyone of any shape or form get lean), you should grow like a weed on those three. You are promoting anabolism from so many different angles with those three products..

Might I add a vote for throwing some Spike in there. I told one of my buddies about it and he ordered 3 bottles and I bought one off of him and tried it for the first time on Monday and DAMNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!! I was so in-tuned to everything that was going on. My workout was phenomenal..

I am going to start stacking Power Drive AND Spike and see what can happen.. if I get any more in-tuned at the gym I might be able to develop some telepathic powers and get all the females in my gym to stop running on the elypticals and line up at the squat rack where I'd 'spot' them for 10 sets of 10 of ass-to-grass squats(GVT, I'm doing it now, gotta love it)..

haha.. I feel like a stand-up comedian on Spike, it's friggin awesome..

Good luck and good training..



Thanks man....I was thinking about Spike just started to run low on some funds. But I think I can squeeze out a few more bucks and give it a shot.