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Alpha Male/Carbolin 19 and Mood


I've taken Alpha Male previously and I love the effect it has on my mood and energy levels. This is the biggest reason I've taken the supplement. Problem is that here in Europe it is quite expensive. I know that Alpha Male has Carbolin 19 in it and I'd like to know if anyone has experience positive mood and energy level changes with only taking Carbolin 19?

Also, I've always taken 4 caps a day, is there a chance to get similar effects (still talking about mood and energy levels) with just 2 caps a day?


when i took Alpha Male i found that the main effect for me was that my sex drive when throught the roof, i was like a feend, just couldn't control myself and that was on 4 tablets per day, so i cut it down to two and got the same effects so i ended up stopping cos i thought i'd end up doing something (or someone) that i'd regret.


I noticed a better mood with Carbolin 19 alone, 2 tabs a day.

With Alpha Male? Try 2 tabs a day and see, everyone responds differently to a certain degree.


Wow, that bad huh. I noticed an increase in my sex drive as well, especially the first time, but it didn't get that bad.


That's great to hear. I might try Carbolin 19 then, because Alpha Male is about double the price here of what it is on this site.


One additional big effect with Alpha Male is how much less I slept. This might not be as a good thing, but I did more often than not wake up 1-2 hours before I even needed to, and I wasn't as tired. Also, if I missed a few hours of good night's sleep it didn't really bother me. I know this kind of ties into energy levels but I thought I'd mention it anyway.
Anyone else notice the same effects?


I've noticed that too. I'm in my second full week of Alpha Male and I wake up about an hour before my alarm goes off feeling well rested


btw, how old are you guys? What I'm after is how the effects of Alpha Male differ with age.


I'm 32. I took a long break from being active thanks to an office job. It's been about six months since I've started seriously training (in Muay Thai and MMA) so I was looking for something to help supplement my recovery and if I gained a little LBM I won't complain


im 18 and took TRIBEX wich is a diff tribulus. didnt notice a difference at all in anything, probly becuase my 18 yr old sex drive is through the roof anyway, at the moment my moddo is "ass is ass AMIRITE", never noticed any energy diffs either, i cant remember how much i was taking but i went through a whole bottle of the stuff on the recomended dosage. i also hear that TRIBEX is 2nd to Alpha Male, but thats my input