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Alpha Male, Carbolin 19 and M

Having just returned from my doctor with a disappointing bloodtest [Low T - But not low enough for doctors to give a crap about its level], I’ve decided to start taking Alpha Male [due to very nearly everyone absolutely loving it], and thought that when on Alpha Male, M would be appropiate to keep estrogen under control. Carbolin 19 I noticed and it seems somewhat geared towards my personal goals, and the way I see it is you’ll never know how things would have gone if you don’t try.

With this in mind, what does everyone think would be a good ‘program’ for them? I can’t seem to find a “how to take M” thing anywhere - I know it says serving size 3 capsules, but so does Alpha Male, and you end up taking 6 a day.

Would you cycle M as you do Alpha Male? Would you cycle the whole thing? [Alpha Male will be 5 on 2 off for me] How would you cycle Carbolin 19, if at all?

Finally would you all instead recommend using Methoxy-7? [Instead of Carbolin 19]

Thank you all for your time.

Directions on the bottle say to take 3 M in the morning on an empty stomach

Edit: Thanks MOD. Now I can work out cost / day. Much appreciated.

It has been stated MANY times on MANY threads by Cy that one Should NOT take M and Alpha Male together. Alpha Male allready has the active of M in it. One could cycle both seperatley but together it would be over kill and may actually have a negative effect.

Alpha Male is pretty much a mix of TRIBEX, M, and RED KAT.

Hope that clears some things up. Stick to the Alpha Male, Carbolin 19 combo, or Carbolin and M combo.

Hope that helps,