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Alpha Male Books


Does anyone have any suggestions on books relating to being an alpha male? I'm not talking about a book that is all about how to get chicks, but about the things that seperate the average men and those who guys who most men wish they were.


I haven't read it but I assume "Under The Bar" by Dave Tate would be something you might like.


Hemingway...all of it.

"Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" "Hell's Angels" Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

"The Dark Knight Returns" Frank Miller

"The Will to Power" Nietschze

"Tao Te Ching" Lao Tzu

"My Life" Ulysses S. Grant

Collected speeches of Winston Churchill


Seriously the Will to Power? I'd go with Geneology of Morals myself. I also liked Year One more than The Dark Knight Returns.

And this isn't really a book, but check out this website: http://www.hoo-ah.net/archive.phtml
Story of a guy with a six figure job who throws everything else away to become special forces. Pretty cool stuff.

Not really a Hemingway fan myself, but whatever floats your boat.


save your money:
you can become alpha in about 1 second by deciding what you want and moving toward it. today, right now, think about what you want big or small and get it done. then you move on to the next and the next. there is no rest and there will be no finish line.

what will separate you from the average is simply getting your shit done. if you can make a list everyday of your goals for that day you will be ahead of the game. learn to actually get them all done you're even further out in front. if you can do that for 6 months you'll be waaay above average and prolly able to start making monthly goals which turn into 4 month goals and into yearly goals etc. and then you have vision for distance, direction, and some really good momentum which though tough to start, is even tougher to stop.

being alpha is simply choosing what you want, assuming responsibility, and executing.

to quote Dan John "simple but not easy".

to quote nike "just do it".


Agreed, but I always enjoy the insights of others and how they go about this. One book I would very much recommend is "Ghost Rider" by Neil Peart, drummer of Rush. He is an amazing writer and storyteller. "Ghost Rider" is basically a journal of his motorcycle trek throughout North America after the death of his wife and daughter. You will walk away with something after reading it I'm sure.


Hey, certainly not shitting on Year One, just saying in terms of pure adrenaline-inducing savagery, Dark Knight is the shit.

"There are sevn working defenses from this position. Three kill. Three disarm with minimal contact.

One hurts."