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Alpha Male Baldness Concerns


O.K. I was just about to order Alpha Male, but then I thought I remembered hearing that T-Boosters cause hair loss. ? I am prone to balding yet I haven't started balding yet... I don't want to start....!!!

Has anyone experinced a "balding" effect on Alpha Male???




If you're prone to balding, as in you're currently balding, then I would not recommend using products designed to increase endogenous testosterone.

Otherwise, however, it's important to keep in mind that you're really only going to increase testosterone levels to a moderate degree (high-normal range) and in doing so, you're really not providing a great deal more substrate for 5 alpha-reduction to DHT.


Echo to what Cy says, not enough increase to cause that effect. They aint roids kiddo....

Aside from that, just be badass like alot of high t males do and shave your head. Join the club :wink:


What do you think of using Propecia and Alpha Male concurrently?


A good idea. Proscar (quartered) works great with T boosters as it works on the DHT receptor which is reduced from T.



Hi jsbrook,

To be honest, I would only do so if you know for certain that you're suffering from or extremely prone to androgenic alopecia. In such a case, I suppose if one wanted to be extremely cautious, they could use finasteride and Alpha Male concurrently.

Hope that helps.


  1. I'm 45 and I take Nitro T3 and take additional Saw Palmetto as Nitro T3 contains a relatively low amount. Looking at the label of Alpha Male, it appears to have no anti-DHT products in it, so I would definitely recommend Saw Palmetto (assuming you're over the age of 35-40.) If you're under 35, I don't know why you'd need a supplement. You should be able to look at a weight and put on a couple of pounds of muscle.
  2. Actually a combination of Saw Palmetto and Grape Seed has been shown to have some clinical backing in preventing male pattern baldness and that's what I actually take.
  3. Eating flax seeds has also some clinical backing in preventing hair loss as well.