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Alpha Male at 21?


I am 21 years old. Something scary has happened, after trying to get over a long term (relatively)relationship, I have completely lost my sex drive (no details necessary). You can laugh, but its not funny. Well it is a little. Anyway, I'm looking into Alpha Male, to see if it can correct this problem.

My guess is that it is a psychological not physiological issue that is resulting in my current state of disfunction. But that's neither here nor there.

But damn I need a solution, and I need one fast. Is Alpha Male completely the wrong way to go with this issue? Will there be any negative effects to trying it out? Has anyone as young as I am seen any benefit from Alpha Male? If so, how soon will results be noticed?

This isn't in the sex and male animal forum because well, I'm at work. Also the reason I can't use the search function.

Thanks in advance.


it is here or there. how long as it been since your relationship ended? at 21 it more then likely is just a mental thing, I'd say just give it some more time.


I did the same thing at 20, I was a pussy.

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I also took Alpha Male at 21, it just made me incredibly horny and angry all the time but no real improvement in the gym.


I would agree that it is completely mental. I had a very similar experience after the end of a long relationship and initially tried to turn to supplements to fix it.

After those didn't work, I talked to a doctor, and he told me that he has seen this happen plenty of times, and every single time it is the mind that is the problem. You've heard of people overcoming cancer with placebo pills, because their mind thinks that their taking something that's healing them.

Well, in this case it is the opposite. In our minds we think that something is wrong with our sex drive, and our minds are powerful enough to make those thoughts reality.

To get over a problem like this you simply need to realize that nothing is wrong with you, be confident in both yourself and your abilities (both sexual and otherwise), and work back to a healthy mind. An unbelievable amount of sexual problems are connected to the power of the mind, and as stupid as it sounds, its true.

The doctor that I worked with was great, as he ran a simple blood test to show me that my testosterone levels were above normal and that all my other stats were fine. If you think you need something like that to help wipe the slate clean and clear your mind, then go for it, it worked for me and its not expensive (and one visit is all you need).

Get back to your normal lifestyle, lift hard, work hard, and play hard. I guarantee your drive will return in time.


You don't need Alpha Male. The thread should end here... but doesn't.

Right... because details are only necessary when people want useful and relevant help. No need for that hogwash here.

Alpha Male will not address, cure, or correct a psychological issue.

It's absolutely 100% "here or there." We need to know a specific problem before we can offer advice for a solution. If the problem is mental/emotional, a supplement designed to address the physical/hormonal won't help. At least, if it does, it'll be the old "Band-Aid on the bullet wound."

Considering you're being so secretive about the actual issue, based on what you've said so far, yes it's the wrong way to go.

No negative effects, but there would be no negative effects to you drinking three glasses of Crystal Light Iced Tea per day to help your problem either. In your particular situation, it might be just as effective.

Younger guys (late teens, early 20s) generally don't see as much noticeable effect from Test boosters because their bodies should be pumping out high doses of it already. If you do try Alpha Male and see/feel a huge effect, you most likely had some underlying hormonal issues before the supplement.

Like someone else said (even though we don't really know where the problem's coming from), it would probably be best if you got your (big) head right, forget about the relationship stuff, and focus on training or some productive hobby.

Maybe revamp your training to do some more powerlifting-style heavy work for the next month or so, invest the $48 you would've spent on Alpha Male on some Spike Shooters for a pre-workout boost, attack the weights, and let things sort themselves out.


Just go to a stip club! Problem solved!


i'm going to take the stop being a pussy approach.

Thanks Chris, maybe I'm forcing my way through these things.

Alpha Male not worth it in this case. Thread concluded. Thanks guys.


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Seriously OP...GO..... TO...A ......DOCTOR. No really, preferably an endo (ps, don't smoke endo. Thats a whole 'nother story tho)


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Who benefits from Alpha Male Chris? I don't know much about the supp. I'm 29 and just started lifting after a 4 year layoff. I was thinking about ordering a bottle but decided against it b/c I figured I'd make gains just fine being a beginner again. So I ordered some Surge pre and post, creatine, whey, and the rest on groceries.

Can someone also please enlighten me on the difference between whey isolate and concentrate. Thank you.


I'm 29 and decided to try a bottle for grins; the wife seems to like it. It also improves the mood, I think. I can't really say anything about body composition, as I just finished the first bottle and I would imagine that's a bit more gradual.

As for whey isolate v. concentrate, isolate is absorbed more quickly.