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Alpha Male at 15


Hey guys =]

I was just wandering what a pro hormone like Alpha Male would do negatively to me at my age..

I am 15 and have been lifting weights since half way through grade 7, and I know that I need higher test levels to build more muscle.

thanx =]


Its not a pro hormone. Its all natural ingredients. you dont need higher test levels at 15. you need food and you need to lift. end thread.


Don't need it. Your natural T-levels are going to start reaching their highest levels in the next few years, so there's no reason to add anything to the mix.



This. I am 19 and wondered the same thing around your age, just eat well and lift heavy and sleep.


Im 19 too and I wondered about usplabs powerfull which I think is similar. I know most important is to eat right and train etcetc which I do and have done for a while now. But if someone this age did use these products anyway, would there be any negative effects on their testosterone/GH production when they stop, (sortof like how steriods do), or will it return to normal once use is discontinued? Because even the placebo effect may help, if that person had money to waste like I do (birthday =)). So just wondering about long term hormonal effects, thank you for any info.


  1. Not a pro hormone.
  2. NO.
  3. Eat.


Eat meat and potatoes, it will be more effective.


Mark down this day, the South and North are in agreement.

Eat steak and be grow.


At 15 you should be walking around with a 24 7 erection! You can become a natural alpha male if you train hard enough, i would kill to have started weight training at 15, i wonder if spending a lot of time on the internet lower's testosterone levels




Watch a lot of porn on the internet. You don't need supplements.


At 19 shouldnt you be more concerned with saving some money so you have disposable income when you need it instead of frivolously spending on something you definitely do not need.

Oprah has "money to waste".


got that covered =] ^


On Alpha Male:

  1. It's not a prohormone.

  2. It's basically a placebo.

On what you should do:

  1. Get your nutrition in check and be consistent.

  2. Train hard, smart, and consistently.

In terms of supplementation, stick mostly to the basics, if even that. The reality is that most supplements are far from magical and either don't do much or work on fairly simple principles.