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Alpha Male and USAPL


Right now I'm taking Alpha Male and I'd like to compete in a PL'ing meetin December. Does anyone know if Alpha Male is banned in their org?


no it is not.


Robert -

I'm no doping expert, but you have to be careful when it comes to supplements. Not only can you get banned because of using illegal substances, but also if supplement alter your bodies natural chemistry (for example, shifting your T:E ratio), you can be suspended as well.

Here's the current WADA list of controlled substances:


Stay strong


I don't see anything about Eurycoma, tribulus and the like. I think I'll be fine.


You will probably be fine. But as Mr. Robertson stated, even though the Alpha Male ingredients are not specifically banned, they could still cause you to fail the drug test if your body's chemistry (T:E ratio) is altered significantly enough from the use of the supplement. I've used Alpha Male and definitely know it works (plug). I've not had blood tests done so I don't know about actual increases in T, etc. However, as Robertson stated, by using the supplement you are taking a chance due to the aforementioned reason.


for example pseudoephedrine and norephedrine used to be on wada's list. then they were removed. i read about a cyclist last year who was competing in japan and battling severe allergies there. he took sudafed for relief since it was recently removed from the list. however pseudoephedrine metabolizes as norpseudoephedrine which is on the list. he's now serving a suspension and wearing a scarlet d ! tricky shit.