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Alpha Male and Test


Has anyone ever taken his baseline, took a course of Alpha Male, then had his Testosterone checked ? We hear that Alpha Male improves libido, which I have no doubt it does, BUT we all know that it would be best to have T levels checked prior to going on a course of it---I mean to make sure it indeed raise T.


The cost of doing something like this just doesn't seem logical.

For the amount it would cost you'd be better off just buying the bottles... doing it and seeing if you like it. If you don't then just return the bottles.

Are you looking for increased testosterone or help reaching your goals. If it helps you reach your goals hasn't it done it's job?


Sure, if it helps one reaching his goals I agree with you that it's totally fine, BUT since products like Alpha Male and others in the same category which claim to raise T, I'd like to see either someone put it or any other great brand to the test in order to know once and for all if the effects whcih are provided by such supplements truly are from raise T--For many many years tribulus has been puported to raise LH and concurently T, but it seems no one wants to lift the shroud of mystere surrounding those T booster/enhancers, by backing those claims up with actual blood test.

I agree that it cost a few bucks, BUT among the folks out there who wonder about the same thing I do, i'm sure there are many of them who have the means to do it--financially that is.

Up to a certain point I think as though people simply want to believe in it--it would probably burst the bubble of many if it turned out not raising T at all. Dont get me wrong here, it's way fine already as it raises libido, and helps with erections, BUT this is not about what the product does, it's all about the claims made about that products or any other in the same category.

I'm 100% certain some will read this and totally agree with me.


I have seen two examples of this in past T-Nation posts. In both case, total T was boosted modestly and free T remained almost exactly the same. So people have done it.

But keep in mind that you can't go by anecdotal evidence. From what I've seen there's not enough data to really say how well these work. So the above poster is probably right: try it and see if you think it makes a difference.


Thanks for your reply, and also I'm glad and not surprised some did test it at some point. It's as I expected, that is it usually shows a weak response, but again, I wasn't expecting that much of a spike in T from such supps.

If anything I think ZMA probably provides one with better results in that department--in the event where one is marginally deficient in Zc and Mag though, and it appears many are--at least marginally.

Also I'm not lookin to boost T beyond physiological levels--I just want it to remain in the healthy range for as long as possible. I'm 33 now, and my total T is a bit low, but I have to see my doc about this.



Sure did, inadvertently. Had a Testosterone free total test done and scored pretty low (401) even though I am 30 and taking Alpha Male. I stopped taking it and retested five weeks later higher than before (591).

Not sure if it was factors in my life or what, but not much had changed (same diet, workout, sleep, time of test, reputable test company, etc). I continue to be a big buyer of Biotest supplements, but I am very curious as to why that happened. Perhaps I am the statistical anomaly that it doesn't work for.

BTW- My "Life Extension" doctor or whatever the guy calls himself gave me a scrip for Test cyp and GH after getting my test results. I think that it will have me much higher (only using .5 cc of 200mg/ml 2x-weekly), but the six-week retest is still two weeks out. Not really fair comparing supplements to a syringe, though... :slight_smile:


Interesting information really--some supplements are good, however they have limits, and as far as testosterone increasing supplements, I simple am very dubious--even those purported to keep T in normal healthy range.

I'd however be the first to want to believe in supplements that do such things, but it doesn't seem to be any out there--too bad.


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Your like 22 years old right?


My $0.02 -

When on TRIBEX + RED KAT (which is almost the same as Alpha Male; there was one substance in TRIBEX that was not in Alpha Male) I became very much like a kind of teenage jock / gym-rat; i.e. - Loud, Aggressive, Pushy; basicly a 1st class jerk.

When I switched to taking just Alpha Male, my lifts were just as good, I just didn't get "moody". It's what I use now.

BTW - My sex drive was much greater with TRIBEX + RED-KAT than when just using Alpha Male but my wife didn't want anything to do w/ me! (FYI)