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Alpha Male and T Levels


I was curious if anyone on this site had their baseline T levels checked "prior" to Alpha Male and had then tested "after" taking Alpha Male?

I have been taking this product for one week and I can "feel" the difference. I plan on having my T-levels checked sometime after taking this product for 8-12 weeks as I have my baseline number.

I've read that ones T levels can be 30% higher in the morning as opposed to the evening. Anyone here of this? Is this true?


That would be great to see.

Yes on the morning T-levels thing that is when they are highest and suggested time to have them tested.Morning.

Keep us updated


This was a HUUUUUGGGEEE point of contest in the "First Person" Alpha Male article. This would be very interesting to see the results of. Definitely keep us posted!


Just curious,

But what is your age and T-levels pre existing if you don't mind sharing.



I am 39 years old and my T-levels were 363. I thought my levels appear to be a little low but my Dr. does not think so. He advised me that if it makes me feel any better that my blood was drawn close to 5pm so my T-levels in the morning would probably be 30% higher or around 520.


Whoa....someone else chime in here, but that sounds a little far off. Im thinking there isnt THAT much of a difference....


This could very well be the case, as I have a personal example. A while back (couple years, maybe?) I had my T-levels checked purely out of curiosity (wasn't on any T-boosting supplements or anything). They did the test in the afternoon. My total T levels were 250, which shocked me a bit (I believe I was 29 years old at the time), so the doctor suggested getting them re-checked, only drawing the blood in the morning this time. I did it a week later in the morning, and my total T was 950, or thereabouts.

Sleep (or lack thereof), stress, alcohol consumption and other factors can negatively affect T levels, but I really think the only difference in these two tests, taken a week apart, was the time of day.

For what it's worth . . .


Hello Dave,

Did you get your t-levels tested? Did you post them somehwhere else. For that matter, I've read like 20 threads where people are "going to" get t-levels tested after using Alpha Male, but strangely, no one actually posts the results. I'd be very intrested in seeing these (other than that one dude that posted his last year)

Enquiring minds want to know!


I'm also interested in the results. My first bottle of Alpha Male is coming in the mail today.


man i just want to have midline levels. i've always had very low levels as read from fasted blood tests in the morning. i know i feel a marked difference when i go on androgens. I'm planning on getting tested again soon enough. laters pk