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Alpha Male and Stomach Problems


Hello all:

I began taking Alpha Male on Monday. Since then I have experience tons of gas and bloating. Then has not been a change in my diet. My diet is contains oatmeal, bananas, apples, turkey, chicken, rice, beef, tomatoes, broccoli, and water. I also take REZ-V.

I am talking about the type of gas that feel like a bowel movement so I go to the bathroom just to be safe, but it is only gas. My bowel movement schedule has no change.

Has anyone experienced this?

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to prevent this?



I'm actually surprised you didn't have this before Alpha Male with your diet. I've been on Alpha Male for almost a month now and I haven't experienced anything like this. But my diet is totally different than yours. Honestly with all the fiber and veggies your eating I would really think it's a diet issue, not a supplement issue.

I have definitely experienced that behavior before, but it's only when I'm dieting and filling up on veggies so I'm not so damn hungry.


I don't think there's anything in terms of macronutrients in the product that could even produce a gaseous effect within the gut. I've been taking Alpha Male for the last couple of months, and I feel great. Sure sometimes I get a bit bloated and gassy simply because of my bodybuilding-type of food choices, but it's not because of the supplement.



Thanks guys for the feedback. I'll play around with my diet, because I don't want drop the supplements.