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Alpha Male and Rez-V Together?


Hey guys, been looking into Alpha Male and Rez-V. I'm thinking I am going to try them both together since i dont have a needy girlfriend who needs me to spend money on her anymore. I tried doing a search on these but really couldnt find anything. I'm 19 and lift on a consistent basis. So would it be smart to take these together? Anything I should know? Thanks in advance for your input.



TBH being 19 years old, I dont think Alpha Male is going to have an effect on you. Rez-V is a good product though. You can try it, stacking them is a good idea


Excellent stack for anti-oxidant purposes and to maintain optimum test levels. Good for you now and will be increasing better for you as you get older and aromatase increases. REZ-V has strong anti aging benefits besides the Testosterone benefits. I thinks it's really helped with keeping me leaner these last few years I've been using it with a less then optimal diet at times.



I think i saw somewhere that you should take Rez-V a month by itself before you take Alpha Male with it? Does that hold true? Would I just take the recommended doses on the bottles? Would there be any side effects I should be aware of with higher t levels? Acne?


I've never read that nor subscribed to that (REZ-V for a month alone). Side effects you should be aware of are as follows:

Increased strength levels

Increased hypertrophy

Increased awesomeness

Seriously kid, provided your nutrition and training are solid an increase in T will help with strength and hypertrophy gains (and that is awesome).

Take care,



Alpha Male and Rez-V is a great stack. The Alpha Male has Carbolin 19 in it which I find a great supplement for the natural bodybuilder trying to gain or maintain size while staying lean or even getting leaner. Just follow the directions on Alpha Male in terms of cycling.

Even at 19 I think you will feel an increase in drive and overall determination/energy in the gym/workouts from the Alpha Male and Rez-V stack.
You also might want to find a new girlfriend 'cause that stack will put some steam in your locomotive.


I never heard that suggestion, so I'd say it's unnecessary.

Yep. Label recommendations are always the best place to start before you try getting fancy with any supplements.

I don't notice any side effects when I take Alpha Male or Rez-V. It's fine, some would say ideal, to take them together.

However, like joeker mentioned, at 19 years old you won't see any major benefits from Alpha Male. Rez-V is always a solid supplement however, so you'd be good to go on that.

I'd rather see you invest what you would've spent on Alpha Male and stock up on Surge Recovery or Surge Workout Fuel instead. They're going to have a more direct influence on your immediate progress than Alpha Male would.


thanks for everything guys, im going to order them both, really just experimenting and seeing what works and what doesn't. so yeah thanks guys.


Alpha Male is back ordered so i just ordered Rez-V, any idea of when itll be back in stock?