Alpha Male and M


Can you take Alpha Male by itself without anything else and be OK, anti-estrogen wise? I know that Alpha Male has Vitex and that is one of the 4 ingredients in M to keep estrogen under control, but do you really need to take M being that Vitex is already in Alpha Male? I am more concerned with the anti-estrogen ingredient. Also my local vitamin shoppe used to be able to get M from Biotest directly but now they say that M is discontinued, is this true? Can it still be ordered from T-Nation or is there something else that you can recommend?


WOW just posted this on the other thread on this. I just cut and paste here as well.

It has been stated MANY times on MANY threads by Cy that one Should NOT take M and Alpha Male together. Aplha Male allready has the active of M in it. One could cycle both seperatley but together it would be over kill and may actually have a negative effect.

Alpha Male is pretty much a mix of TRIBEX, M, and RED KAT.

Hope that helps,

I thought this might be a good suggestion for you as well. I’ve heard a number of members here that would take Alpha Male 5 days and then M 2 days. Then repeating. It sounds like you cant take them concurrently but you can trade off and get good results. You probably will want to search and read up on it however.

Just a thought…