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Alpha Male and M combo

Anybody try out Alpha Male and M together? They are synergistic for each other, so i know the answer is yes, but does anyone have any cycling ideas that worked for them, and what kind of results they got from the combo? and better yet, what else could be added to it to get an even greater affect? Thanks

Stay Strong,

I just purchased both these and some ZMA. Besides pro powder and vitamins these will be the first supps I have tried since creatine a few years ago. I was just planning on following the label recomendations.

I am in Kuwait so I am unsure of how long till they get here but i will post how they worked for me…

I am starting my cycle on Monday. I plan on taking Alpha Male, M, and Methoxy 7. My other supps are creatine, a BCAA stack, l-glutamine, whey, and ripped fuel w/ephedra.

I’m currently taking Alpha Male and M. I’ve only been on it for 4 days, but the results have been fantastic. I’m not concerned with how much weight I am going to gain from it. I just wanted to use it for strength, and it’s definitely working. My pumps are amazing too. I never even got pumps like this on MAG-10. I get really really tight and when i do arms I get a good 1 inch increase just from the pump.

The only problem is for some reason it has killed my sex drive. But at the same time, i don’t really think about sex, i tend to be more productive. I Think clearer and am able to learn easier.

Overall for 4 days of taking 3 a day, it’s been great. Hope to increase doseage to 6/day.

It has been stated a number of times by Cy that a label recommendation should be followed. I advise you to do that.