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Alpha Male and Estrogen?


Im was going to order Alpha Male but I have had bad results with prohrrmones in the past converting to estrogen. I only have mild gyno in my chest but would like to get others oppinions about this supp. If I dont get this I'll opt. for Rez-V. Thanks for youre opinions/experiences


Alpha Male is not a pro-hormone


Alpha Male is not a prohormone. The compounds in it will help boost your Testosterone levels.


The preceding gentlemen are correct, Alpha Male is not a prohormone. Rather it is comprised of natural plant compounds which stimulate a higher natural production of Testosterone. So, you don't necessarily have to worry about conversion to estrodiol/estrogen as you do with higher then normal androgen levels from prohormones or steroids.

That being said it does contain vitex which acts as an estrodiol/estrogen blocker in the event these are high for whatever reason such as age related aromatase and conversion.



Alpha Male is way overpriced. ATD is far more effective. Look at the research of tribulus based formulas...not too promising.


Have you tried Alpha Male? Works great for me and worth every penny.



I have taken three bottles over the past two years and noticed no changes what so ever.


Maybe your test levels are already above average?


Worth every penny? At Vitamin Shoppe it's $80 for a month supply!!

Nay, I haven't used it myself, but I have used similar formulas that have failed miserably compared to ATD based products. If you look at online reviews about 50% are negative towards Alpha. It seems that it works for older guys and fails for younger. Is AlphaMale somehow different from most the trib based crap out there? I was interested for a while but negative reviews and lack of trib efficacy turned me off.


Supplements = Over-rated


From what I understand it is Bulgarian tribulas the best that can be used as far as tribulas goes. I first used TRIBEX after a MAG-10 Cycle when I was about 26/27 and was pretty blown away with the results from both. I've since used Alpha Male off and on since it's release and always notice a boost from it resulting in good gains from the weights.

Younger guys especially newbies sometimes don't know how to take advantage of the boost from a supp like this. Give em 600 mg of Test a week and it would be a waste if they didn't train or eat right.



ATD? Are you talking about this stuff?



Wow, loose moderation on this thread... It's only $50 or so on this site with free shipping, so why would anyone pay $80 at a shop for it?


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If you're in Indiana, I can't imagine why you wouldn't buy from here on the site, where, with free shipping and no minimum, you could get two bottles for just about that same price.

So, yeah, it is worth every penny. You just have to know where to spend your pennies.

Dude, that's like saying dummbells are overrated. Sure, you can certainly get big and strong without them, but if you use them properly, they're going to produce faster results.


True but does a higher natural test level equate to a higher aromatase as would unnaturally high exogenous androgen levels?

But, I see what you are saying if he has gyno.



If you go the Arimidex route you might want to at least learn the symptoms of low E just in case.


Yeah, that stuff. Cy is obviously in the same boat with ATD as I am with Alpha Male (He never tried it). I've used it in a few different products and it seems that some are better than others (probably due to synergy with other ingrediants). The one I used most recently is probably the most popular T booster atm, gains are a little better than usual and bf falls off way faster. As for safety, no problems short term at least. IME, ATD always has at least noticeable effects while trib never has.


Don't compare over-glorified supplements to sound training methods. The problem with SO many people is they want to put HOT-ROX before proper dieting and cardio or they want to put Alpha Male before heavy, consistent lifting and eating properly.

I would bet money that 95% of people should be more worried about their diet and training practices than Alpha Male or what fat burners they should be taking in order to get shredded which in my opinion is exactly why so many people not only look average but perform average. I see so many people impede their progress by looking for short cuts.

I agree that some supplements have a place but only AFTER the important aspects have been met, that was my point by saying that supplements were over rated, and they are.


I have taken 3 bottles over last 1 year and I didn't notice any changes. I got 2 bottles left, I'll be saving for when I'm sick or feeling run down or stressed out...