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Alpha Male and Blood Work?


i'm 42.

i've been cycling Alpha Male for about one month now. i just scheduled to have blood work done 2 weeks from now including getting t levels etc checked.

do you think stopping Alpha Male now will be long enough for any effects to wear off by then? should i reschedule?


I don't think it's going to make a huge difference. I just got my blood work taken and my Free Test went from 2.77 to 3.07, which is pretty insignificant.

Granted, it did get me out of the 'hypogonadism' state according to my doctor, who thinks it's normal for a 32 YO to have a level of 300 for test.


Alpha Male can change how a normally functioning HPTA performs. If the HPTA is busted, results will be poor.


what are you going to have tested?

have you read the blood test sticky?

what are your symptoms/issues?


yes, i have read the stickies. no symptoms other than i'm getting middle aged, but i'm due for a physical and have some extra fsa cash left. its use it or lose it so i plan on using it.

from what i have seen, i will have the following tested:
FT free testosterone
TT total testosterone
E2 estradiol