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Alpha Male a Good Choice For Me?

I’m 19 right now and I’ve been busting my ass, training is good, diet is about 90% and i’m looking for something to help with lean mass gain. I don’t exactly want to do any cycles yet for obvious reasons…so do you guys think the new Alpha Male would be a decent choice for me?

As for stats i’m


Anyways so I do have some experience training and have gotten good results, i’m just looking for an edge.

As for products now I take ZMA and Creatine post workout.

Also does it ship to canada?

At your age you probably don’t need Alpha-Male. Try Carbolin 19 by itself. You should see decent gains from that. Add in some BCAA’s too if you can afford it.

just try a couple bottles - people may say you are too young, but try it anyway. that’s the only way you’ll know.

i live in alberta and i just ordered a bottle last friday. hope i get it. HOT-ROX’s aren’t supposed to make it here (yohimbine is sold by pharmaceutical companies now as a sexual stimulant and the main ingredieny in HOT-ROX is banned), but i see no reason why AM shouldn’t/couldn’t.