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Alpha Lipoic Acids

I read on a website that creatine is absorbed better with a 50/50 protein mix and Alpha Lipoic Acids. Can anyone out there list some Alpha Loipic Acids for me and does anyone know if any are in Surge? ?

Also side note, I’m thinking of switching to Grow! MRP. Can anyone tell me since it is casein. Will it last a month without being degraded? Last question. When you order a Biotest product how long does it take for it to get delivered?

Thanks Guys,

Seeves, it has been shown that creatine uptake my muscles is enhanced by alpha lipoic acid (ALA) supplementation.

ALA is an antioxidant so I’m not sure that you want to consume this post workout with creatine. Antioxidant supplementation of a similar type has been shown to enhance muscle damage and delay recovery, so the whole creatine uptake point may be irrelevant.

Also, ALA is the name of the antioxidant itself, just like “Vitamin C”, for example.

Grow! can last for quite a long time, and I believe that any breakdown would take years.

Hope this helps!